Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Who" Will I Wear?

The Oscars are coming up on Sunday night and I have been very remiss in planning "who" I am going to wear for the big event. I probably would have planned better if I had seen more than a couple (maybe one) of the nominated movies. Time is short now, so I really must decide.

There is this creation from Juicy. I like the color and the hood makes a nice statement. The coordinated flower treatment on both the top and the pants adds a nice designer touch.

This creation from  Twisted Heart features a lovely heart motiff with added ruffles. The velour fabric adds a cozy element., and it comes in several colors.

This offering is from Nike. It looks like it would offer both style and comfort, but the pink and grey is a little too '80s to offer the forward looking fashion statement I am looking to make.

Juicy again, but, well, probably not exactly what I am looking for.

I think this from DKNY may be just the right look. Basic black is always a good choice and it has just the right amount of glitz across the front for a special occassion.

I will pair it with black sweats with maybe a shiny satin stripe down the side of each leg. I'll make sure that the pants feature a comfy elastic waistband because Oscar night could possibly feature some popcorn and libations fitting with the celebratory nature of the evening.

Now I need to go find just the right shoes to complement this perfect outfit, or maybe just some socks.

I think even Joan Rivers will approve.


  1. Hi Jeanie. Either Juicy or Twisted Heart is fine with me.
    Happy 6WS! even if you don't have but four and didn't sign up! :)

  2. Hi Jeannie,

    I like the Juicy, also, but your little ones may object. My excuse is always "But it doesn't come in my size!".

    I'm an avid Oscar addict. I used to demand that instead of leaving me alone on Mother's Day, everyone had to leave me alone on Oscar day!

    Enjoy the day and evening festivities. I hear that ice cream goes very well with any Oscar snacks!



  3. I would not like having Joan Rivers critique my outfit! I like the DKNY sweatshirt too.

  4. DNKY and socks baby, all the way! Enjoy yourself, this is just too funny!

    God bless your day and have a super weekend!!!

  5. I'll be wearing Hanes Her Way bottoms, shirt, and socks. You can't go wrong with a time-tested favorite.

  6. You win "best dressed" in my book, Jeanie!

    I'm a big Oscar fan and can't wait to see who's wearing what!

    Let's compare notes on Monday :-)

    Have fun.


  7. I´m sure you´ll be much more comfortable than the stars who get to be there...
    Even we get the Oscars here and will be watching too! :)

  8. Enjoy the Oscars. You will look like a million bucks in your DNKY sweatshirt!

  9. Jeanie, I love this post! LOVE IT!

    This year, I've opted for red flannel with tiny white dots and a ribboned yoke, topped by matching red fleece and coordinating crocs.

    Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!

  10. LOL Juicy Couture!!! I never had you figured for one of those chicas. We bought a JC track suit for my daughter one Christmas... we got it on sale and it was STILL $250. Good grief! The things we do to inappropriately spoil our children.

    Know what I'm wearing to the Oscars? My little Target number.


    Enjoy the awards. I'm sure you'll be the Belle of the Ball!

  11. Although I'm not a fan of watching the Oscars, I am a fan of a woman in black. I think the color compliments most women.

  12. Very cute post! I will be wearing a similar outfit. Think I'll wear some of my hand-knit socks. Can't get more couture than that!

    Have fun watching all the glittery people in LA LA land!

  13. Hee Hee. I like the Nike but it might clash with your walk down the red carpet. I'm a fan of the Juicy suits myself but my bottom eats all the vowels and the C. Then I'm just J|Y. :( Not really the message my butt should be sending.