Wednesday, June 27, 2012

For Those Who Have Asked

For those who have asked, yes, I am very much looking forward to my last day of full time work this coming Friday. It has been a busy time working toward that. The last few days will be busy with a party tomorrow evening and a few hours of work on Friday to take care of all the loose ends. 

As I am very grateful for the good things going on in my life I am devastated by the horror of the wild fires  happening in our state right now. Colorado is on fire and it is horrible. There are no words for how bad I feel for those whose lives are being torn apart by these fires.

Can you imagine what the people standing on the deck in this picture must be feeling?

As I was going to bed last night I couldn't help thinking about those who had been evacuated from their homes, sleeping on a cot in a school gym, knowing that they might not have a home to go back to.
Images from Google Images

The temperatures have cooled a little today, from over 100 to the mid-90s. Humidity has gone up from single digits to the mid-20s. There was a little rain in some areas, but lightening from storms can create new danger. Please send all your best thoughts and prayers that these fires will soon be controlled and that those who are fighting them and those who are running from them will be safe.


As they say on TV......and on a much lighter note......a little family sports competition:

My daughter Joanna was reading a "My First Words" book to 21 month old Beck last night. He was saying the words on each page, "boy", "car", "cat". When they turned to the page with a star on it, Beck says "Cowboys". His daddy is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and has apparently indoctrinated Beck very well. Joanna, a Denver Broncos fan, says she has apparently failed since he doesn't call a horse a "Bronco".

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Fragments

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At the end of today I'll just have one week left as a full time worker bee and I have been flitting from task to task in preparation for turning my desk over to someone new. It has been a good and busy week so I am taking the Friday Fragments opportunity for a little catch-up.


My grandson, Beck, who is 21 months old, is healing from his second black eye. He looks much better now, but he looked a little rough right after taking a header onto the concrete patio. I have a feeling that skinned knees and black eyes are going to be a common thing for this very active little guy.


My granddaughter Anna, 4, is the 5th grandchild I have playing some kind of baseball this summer. Here she is just ready to go to her first practice. I don't know what kind of hitter she will be but I suspect that she will always be stylin'


Borrowed from my daughters Facebook page:

EJ walks in from the backyard with no pants on - "Mom, I accidentally peed on the concrete a little bit. But don't worry, I finished in the grass. And I used Beck's sock to wipe." She was so proud.


My son, Rob, and his family spent this week in Steamboat Springs. Whatever else happened, it was a successful trip for Rob.....he caught this and several other Trout on a day of fishing in the Yampa River. (Yes, they all get thrown back)


Hmm?  My son just got back from a week in Steamboat Springs. My oldest daughter and her family just went to Steamboat Springs today where her 8 and 11 year old sons both have baseball tournaments this weekend. My other daughter and her family are in Vail from today until Sunday.

I think it just might be time for mom to go somewhere.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Birthdays and Father's Day ✔ and A Horrible Wildfire

Yes, another family get-together, this one for our family's June birthdays and an early Father's Day. I started my blog to help me record and remember these kind of family events, so I can hardly apologize for posting too many of them. As we gathered this weekend we were extra thankful to be together and all safe as our thoughts and smart phones were focused on our neighbors just to the north who are suffering from northern Colorado's High Park Fire. A smoky haze in the air and the air tankers flying overhead were a constant reminder of this horrible fire event.

Images from Google Images

We did, in any case, celebrate the birthdays and honor the fathers with a yummy picnic dinner followed by cupcakes.

The bigger kids, as always, played lots of baseball.

They always come equipped with gloves, bats, balls and bases. I love that regardless of age or skill level they all have a great time playing together.

I, as usual, tried to get a good picture of my two 4 year old granddaughters together, but these busy little girls never stand still long enough for me. I like this one that shows Anna's new short haircut, a result of her trying a little hair styling on her own with a pair of scissors.

And this year's picture of me with all of my grandkids on the slide.

They have grown a lot since we started taking these, but I'm sure I haven't changed a bit.


We woke up this morning to a smoky haze on the ground, a smoky sky and the smell of fire in the air. The fire has grown to over 43000 acres and there have been homes lost and one life lost. Please keep those who are fighting this fire and those who are suffering from it's fury in your thoughts and prayers. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Donuts and Customer Service

Doc has discovered the secret to getting the best possible customer service at the businesses that he frequents in our small town. The secret is donuts. Every so often he drops into our car mechanic's shop, our dentist's office, the doggy day care, the eye doctor, the veterinarian and several other places with a box of donuts. In addition he knows that Debbie at the dentist especially likes cinnamon rolls, Brian at the car repair place prefers apple fritters, and that the women at the doggy day care favor glazed donuts all around.

It is amazing how much the workers in these places appreciate this little gift and as a result Doc is treated as a most preferred customer when he needs the service of one of these businesses. I know, I know, donuts are not a healthy thing to eat, but it sure is surprising to see how much good will a little sugar can create.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Just For Fun Pictures

Last weekend was busy and fun with lots of kids soccer and a visit to the Boulder Creek Festival.

At the Creek Festival the kids tested their Slacklining abilities. I thought I might be pretty good at this, but I didn't push any kids aside to give it a try. 



EJ's tongue seemed to be the key to her balance.

The older kids had some fun on a thrill ride (one that would have had me throwing up over the side).

The little kids opted for the merry-go-round (more my speed).
Beck is wearing the soccer shirt that my friend Betty at A Glimpse Into Midlife sent him before he was born. He has finally grown into it.



Hope's soccer team finished their season and ended several seasons of playing together as a team. She has had try-outs this week for a team for next season and it looks like she is going to get the team she wants. It was fun to hear them do this chant together for one last time.

We don't play with Barbie Dolls, we just play with soccer balls.
We don't wear no fancy skirts, we just wear our soccer shirts.
Go United!


This picture convinced my daughter, Joanna,  that it was time for Beck to get a haircut.

He's a pretty smooth dude with his new do.


I got to go out with my friend Patty in her very cool new little Fiat convertible. 
Especially cool since I suggested they go look at it and when they did they bought it on the spot.