Saturday, March 13, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Last ski day this year Sunday

Sunday will not only be my last ski day this year, it will be my first ski day this year.  I'm going with my daughter, Jill and her two boys, Jared, 9, and Justin, 6. Their dad is healing from a torn Achilles tendon so I am going with them to keep the one on one ratio. I have skied a lot, but I have not skied a lot lately and keeping up with kids that age who have no fear is a challenge. I hope I am up to the challenge. It is not looking good so far.....I can't even find my ski pants. Wish me luck.

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  1. I guess telling you to break a leg instead of wishing you good luck would be a mistake, huh?

    Have fun. You'll do fine, and you'll probably have a boatload of fun too. How awesome to be able to ski with your daughter and grandsons.

    Up until this past Thanksgiving, my 19 year old daughter Adrian had never seen snow. Then she went with her boyfriend and his family to Calgary Alberta and skied Sunshine Valley! Does that girl know how to see snow for the first time, or what?

    Stay warm and have a buttered rum for me when you get back to the lodge.


  2. Have a blast with your kiddos! I look forward to the stories and pics you'll bring back.

    God bless and have a super Saturday!

  3. Funny, looking for your ski pants. Let us know how it went. And be safe.

  4. Good luck! The only thing I know about skiing is the lodge and hot toddies.

    Weekend Reflections - Green Beer

  5. ~much luck headed your way...savor those precious moments with your l♥ved one...brightest blessings~

  6. Goog luck- best part of skiing for me is the apres-ski!!

    Thanks for stepping by with yr view about my 6WS post & look forward to *seeing* you again:

    Which one's likely to live longer?

    xoxo LOLA:)

  7. LOL! I hope you found your pants by now and are having fun. I know you will!
    Have a great weekend!

  8. I had a first and last ski adventure all in the span of 20 minutes. Good luck and have fun.

  9. No worries, Jeanie, you'll have FUN!! [my 6 word response]

    My 6 words HERE*. With an explanation found below at the asterisk.

  10. have a great time!
    Hope is a wonderful name isn't it? :)
    hugs to all your grandchildren

  11. Good luck - have fun and don't overdo it!

  12. I know you'll really enjoy it and, if you over do it, there are things like heating pads, mineral ice, martinis and naps. ;)

  13. You are so very brave!! I would be scared to death but then I have never skied before! Hope you took lots of pictures!

  14. I water ski, but I've never gone snow skiing.

  15. Hope you found those ski pants and that you have a great time today!

    Thanks for playing 6WS!