Sunday, March 28, 2010

We Need To Have A Party....A Big One

It was cold and windy outside yesterday so after some babysitting and going out to lunch I had a brief out of body moment and decided to do some cabinet cleaning. I started  (and finished) with the pantry. The top shelf of our pantry serves as our liquor cabinet. The picture is just a sample of what I found up there. I might talk big sometimes, but we are not big drinkers. Doc drinks beer and a sip or twenty of Grey Goose on special occasions. I like a cosmo or margarita from time to time, but I prefer them served up ready made by a handsome bartender.

I'm not sure where it all came from...bottles never opened from past parties, gifts, a lonely couple's need to be prepared for the predilection of any new friend they might someday make. There was an unopened bottle of Glenfiddich, a scotch we always kept on hand for a friend who is no longer alive.

I poured out as much as I kept....I just couldn't dust any more bottles. There were also plenty of mixers, jars of onions, olives and marachino cherries. If we add the beer in the beer fridge in the garage, the wine coolers and hard lemonade from the other fridge in the garage, the  bottles of Grey Goose and the homemade limoncello from the freezer,  and the wine from the wine rack, we are ready for quite a party.

Come on over whenever you can. The party will start when you get here.


  1. You could give some of it away to neighbors or friends who party more than you do. You must have spring fever already if you are cleaning out the pantry!

  2. Just a little hint...

    If you keep using the bottles, they don't collect dust. Don't ax me how I know. {wink}

  3. heading over your way; should be there in a few days,LOL. It is fun to clean out things like this, isn't it? seems like there were some memories there too as you dusted and sorted and poured and kept. I bet it was a good feeling to get it all done :)


  4. Wow! That's quite a collection. I'd come to the party but I wouldn't be much help since I don't drink. I guess I could be the designated driver. :)

  5. Howdy
    I think I will have to find a way to ride the range with a sweet invitation like this :)
    Hmm now let's see does map quest offer a way to get around barbed wire fences ??
    Oh well I guess I will have to ask for a rain check for now .
    Seriously thank you for thinking of us sweetie.
    Have a wonderful Easter week.
    Big Hugs from Texas
    Happy Trails

  6. How funny.
    Never know what you might find hidden away
    Now that would be fun too

  7. I don't drink much these days.. .but finding chocolate would be wonderful!

  8. I have a cupboard like that.. full of bottles of grog we never drink!
    I would come to your party... but it's just a wee bit far to come today! lol

  9. Woop Woop, on my way!! We have to have a license here to buy alcohol, no alcohol can be purchased in ordinary shops... you have to go to a building in the middle of nowhere that has blacked out windows and doors ;0)

  10. There's a little known secret I've discovered: When you store liquor bottles in a dark place, they mate and multiply.....

    The dusting thing gets me every time....a lot of stuff gets given away or donated because I hate dust.

    Liquor in my house is kept in a huge trunk for guests. It has mated....

  11. I´ll be right over! :) I´ll have a Caipirinha. Can you make those? LOL!

  12. Hey girl, my husband will help you out with that Glenfiddich.

  13. Oh my you do need to have a party!! We used ours up this weekend!

  14. Looks like our liquor cabinet. We collect so many because I like to keep trying new things.

  15. You have any fixin's for Mojitos over there? We had some great rum drinks down in St. Pete Beach. Just let me know and I'll be over!

  16. I think you may just have inspired me to do a post about studies done on women and drinking moderately. Positive results for your weight.
    I just noticed the From Sonia, next to this post. Very nice. Thanks. I like Chardonnay and Merlot. Quite boring, or easy to please. Too many rum and cokes in Belize as the wine was way too expensive.

  17. That's pretty funny! There would have been a time in my life when that would never have happened to me. If it was opened, it was gone.

    Now I'm older, wiser and way more healthy!