Friday, April 24, 2009

Way to go, Susan

I know I'm a little slow with this since everyone has been writing, talking, blogging and wowing over Susan Boyle's sensational performance on Britain's Got Talent for a while now. I just want to add my "wow" to all the others. It was, without question, an incredible performance with the added wow factor in being so unexpected. The pathos of the song she sang made it even more compelling to me.

I'm sure, for me, the effect has been even greater because I cannot carry a tune. I love to sing, I know the words to almost every song in the world (at least the old ones), I think I have a singer's heart, but, I cannot carry a tune. Of all the talents I don't have, the ability to sing is the one I have always most wished for. There is definately not a Susan Boyle moment in my future.

For the heartwarming story she has brought into an often bad news world and for all of us that don't have the talent she has, I hope Susan Boyle gets to live her dream.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter Brunch in pictures......Little girls in pretty dresses and boys being boys, lots of good food and egg hunting

Leah, Anna, Hope, Ben, Justin, & Wil (Jared is now too cool for the kids table)
Justin & Jared (I am glad Jared is not yet too cool for Easter egg hunting)

Wil is a champion egg hunter
Eggs are okay, but Anna loves Ellis
Ellis, Hope & Anna-Easter Cute! Too cold and rainy to go outside

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Am Glad I Have A Job

"Just be glad you have a job!"

I want to be clear....I am glad I have a job. I'm glad I have a job that I like. I am glad I work for a great company (almost always in the top 10 of Fortune Magazine's Best Places to work) and that I work with a great person. I am glad I have a job! That being made clear, I do occasionally have a rough day or a rough week at work and I may mumble a small complaint like "Boy, I had a rough day at work," or "I sure need a vacation," or some such minor grumble about working. Inevitably, in these tough times, any such statement is met with the same response....."Just be glad you have a job!" More than once when I have casually asked someone how their day is going the response has been, "Well, I'm just glad I have a job."

I am certainly not unaware of the struggles of those who have lost jobs and those who fear losing their jobs. I have been there and I could be there again. The jobless, without question, have reason to complain.

I truly hope things improve on that front soon, for those who need jobs, and in a much smaller way, for those of us who have jobs. It will be great for the time to come when complaining about our jobs can once again be in style.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Tagged by Joanna

I was tagged by Joanna to go to the 6th folder on my computer and post the 6th picture. I think I got a good one. This is Joanna, Jill & Rob taken last summer at Wil's 3rd birthday party. Like getting all 6 of my grand kids in the same picture, I always like getting a picture of all 3 of my kids together in a picture.

This one was not the 6th picture in the 6th was off in a folder all by itself and I thought it was too good to leave in there all alone. Heather and Joanna, 6 years old, I think. Best friends then and a longtime friendship.