Saturday, March 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday

But a drawstring might be nice

photo from Google images

I have never seriously considered any kind of cosmetic surgery and I probably never will. It's not that I don't have some parts that could probably use a little work, but any bravery I have doesn't lean toward things that involve sharp objects and long periods of healing.

What I would like to see and would seriously consider is a drawstring. You know, something that could be installed somewhere up high and could be tightened just a little from time to time. I would want one that would give just a little lift to everything from somewhere around my knees up through my forehead. Any little sag or droop could be fixed a easily as tightening a pair of gym shorts. It would be great until I got so saggy and droopy that I ended up with my belly button on my chin.

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  1. Belly button on my chin.. OH NO!
    Great picture as a prompt.
    Unique and wonderful six words!

    Happy Saturday!

    Have a truly blessed weekend!

    Mine is here

  2. OMG...this is freaky!!
    [that's my six word response to yours this weekend!]

    Come view my 6 words here I hope to see you stop by!!

  3. I love the idea of a drawstring! Brilliant

    I have always wanted a way to walk around looking like I was in candlelight

  4. Oh how funny! I'd love a drawstring as long as I had enough hair on the top of my dome to hide it ;)

    That picture is just plain scary. What are some people thinking?

  5. OMG Jeanie! What a hoot!

    First of all, that photo about made me crack open a couple of ribs from laughing. Eeeeew. But what an appropriate image for your post. You are positively brilliant. Now I want a drawstring too!

  6. What a picture , what a great post.
    Happy 6WS

  7. Yeah, it would be the painful recovery that would be the deal breaker for me. But if they assured me that they'd give me enough drugs, I would love to have my protuding dumbo ears 'done'. I've got a photo of when my stepmother had my hair cut REAL short when I was an ackward teen, and the ears are just sticking straight out, the kind that are just begging to be covered! Even today, at 61, I won't wear a ponytail even when working in the garden. Some humiliations are just never forgotten!

  8. ~if you find such drawstring please let me know! sounds like a brilliant idea...wishing you a wonderful weekend...brightest blessings~

  9. You ended that with quite a vision....!

    I wish to age naturally, gracefully. Check with me in 25 years and I'll let you know how that worked out for me!!

  10. My six words to you: All people sag sooner or later!


  11. The photo is truly freaky! A drawstring is a wonderful idea.

  12. ROTFL!! haha I can just imagine it! It´s especially funny to me, because we were just talking about this, a couple of days ago.
    I´m like you, I would probably never get anything done, just because I think we need to accept ourselves for what we are and have become. A friend of mine is contemplating having a tummy tuck and I just can´t imagine spending so much money on something so trivial. The insurance here does not cover this kind of surgery so it´s really expensive. But I guess that´s everybody's own decision to make.

    Great post today!

  13. Don't laugh, but I think they do actually have those for your lips. Best sellers on HSN.

    You made me laugh. Thanks and have a great weekend. :)

  14. What a wonderful idea! I want one too!

  15. I WANT MY MOMMY!!! The very vision of this stuck in my head is gonna give me nightmares! LOL

    No thank you, I'll pass on the plastic surgery. My face and bod will be just like my personality...what ya see is what ya get!

    Now can you tell me how the heck I can wash this image out of my brain??? I think I'll try the Neti Pot...heeeheehehe!

    You have a terrific weekend overflowing with Gods many blessings.

  16. Very funny post! I'm in total agreement with you--give me a drawtring over surgery anyday!

  17. No surgery for me! Yikes! What a picture... tee hee.

    Happy Six Words saturday! (:>)

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  18. How hilarious is this picture. My face hurt just looking at it!

    So very true about lifting and tightening. Where do I sign up for the Drawstring Club?

    Great post, Jeanie!

  19. Hi, I came over because Betty told me to (o:
    Very funny post and I read a few more. I liked the one about wanting to work at the store. My Mother always knew everything too (o: Everything I let her know anyway. When I look back now, I thank God for protecting me. My Daddy died when I was three, and I loved men. She knew I loved the owner of our grocery store and he loved me. She trusted him. She may not have known I loved our janitor at school, any man teacher, any girlfriends get the picture. Now I just say "Thank you" to the Father I did have for keeping me safe.
    I am from Longmont Colorado. We missed the snow they were predicting for last night...but the wind is freezing.

  20. Betty sent me over and I'm glad she did. This was tooo funny and I can truly relate with maybe not going through it, but a little nip and tuck here (or a drawstring) could prove beneficial for certain parts of my (aging) body

    you have a very nice blog; I enjoyed reading some of your entries. Moms are incredibly wise, aren't they? I'm sorry yours passed away when you were so young and she didn't get a chance to see the "grown up" you and your children

    added myself as a follower; looking forward to getting to know you better


  21. The drawstring concept is superb! Maybe if enough people pass around the idea a doctor will be able to find a way to incorporate it into the dermatology field. Good idea, Jeanie.

  22. I went to a movie tonite with the youngest. We watched the trailer for the new Sex in the City flick. I think the character who plays Samantha must have gotten a facelift in the past 2 years. I'm not liking her look at all!

  23. Hi Jeanie, that might be a good idea. Sort of like the front suspension on a car, have it adjustable. I could loan you a rubber band. :)

    Thank you for the blah wishes and advice, Happy 6WS!

  24. His eyes remind me of Marty Feldman's character "Eye-gor" in "Young Frankenstein'! Ai yi yi.

  25. Oh, that picture!

    No surgery for me either...

  26. Eeewwww to that picture!
    I have had plastic surgery! A full circumferential tummy tuck.. my excuse is having 6 babies in 10 years and gaining, then losing 61 kilos!
    I would do it all again too. It was so worth it!

  27. I think I could only have plastic surgery if I had a before and after pic first... then again I have never seen one person who has had work done who didn't look like they had work done... hmmm

  28. love the picture, we are the same age, and we agree, no plastic surgery, i don't even colour my hair, just let it all grow out and droop, hell we've earned it!

  29. Oh, my. That is the way I think of plastic surgery.

  30. I want a string too but also I really do want a little plastic surgery!
    Great post!