Thursday, March 11, 2010

What I Need Is An Emotifont

In a recent post  PJ at Seens From The Back Of My Eyelids  expressed the wish for a "sarcasm" font to use for those times that you really want the reader to know that what you have said is, indeed, sarcastic. A very good and creative idea. I am not so good at sarcasm, but my comment to her question of what fonts we would like to see was that I'd like a "sorry that what I am saying sounds so lame, but I really mean it from my heart" font. That would be so great for when I want to leave a comment but even the right words don't  express the full meaning of what I want to say.

It happens to me all the time when someone has posted a really beautiful picture, shown a creative craft project, shared a picture of their precious grandchild or written a really good piece of prose or poetry.
 I may think the picture is really beautiful, the craft project very creative, the grandchild a real little darling or the prose or poetry an excellent piece of writing. But just saying "beautiful" or "stunning" or "amazing" or "precious" or "very creative" sometimes sounds so lame or at least much less expressive than what I am feeling or else it has already been said a dozen times in comments before mine. How great it would be to have a font that tells the reader that there is a heartfelt feeling behind the words.

That same font would be useful when I say "I'm so sorry" when someone is going through a difficult time or "that's so funny" when someone has posted a good cartoon or a joke.

I guess what I am wishing for is an "emotifont".  This new font would be just the thing for those times when words just aren't enough when I'm leaving a comment.

There were some great comments left on PJ's post  about fonts that others would like to see. I wish I had an emotifont to use to tell you what a good idea it would be to go read them.


  1. Oh, I really like this idea!

    When words alone fail, 'emotifont'!

    This would be especially useful to me when I'm responding to something heartbreaking.

    Thanks for linking to me. You're a peach!

  2. LOL! Very fun and well written.
    (Please picture this comment in "sorry that what I am saying sounds so lame, but I really mean it from my heart" font);)

  3. I've thought the very same thing! I have a habit of saying 'awesome' when impressed but at a loss for words, which sounds so lame but I can't think of anything that more accurately describes what I want to say.

  4. This is a good idea but I think then so many busy people will just click on an emotifont and not really participate in the comment. As for you, Jeanie, you always have very nice words to say when you leave comments.

  5. Ha! When you find that font share it with me. I feel the same way.

    Sometimes I'm afraid that comments I leave on serious posts will be misinterpreted as me being sarcastic because that's my usual M.O. on my blog. The written word is a tricky thing and very open to interpretation.

  6. What a "GREAT" idea. This is just "AWESOME". Ok, ok, enough of my sense of humor.

    Maybe you are onto something here, and could patent the invention.

  7. When words fall short....'emotifonts' I love it!!! I'm a thinkin' your on to something here. :o)

    Yep, I read PJ too, she's great!

    Have a fantastic day!
    God bless

  8. I think an emotifont is a great idea, but I still would not be able to resist adding my "two cents" worth! :)

  9. I think blogger just ate my comment-- Is there a font for that. It would look something like this--
    @#$%^&! only with more Grrrrrrrr

    Happy weekend.