Friday, March 19, 2010


I don't even know if weatherpated is a word, but it's how I feel today. When I walked the dog last evening it was sunny and in the 60s.

When I walked the dog this morning it was snowing and in the 20s.

I was so confused I wore my flip flops inside my snow boots.


  1. That's hysterical. Well, maybe not for you.

    Flash 55 - Help?

  2. oh no. sadness. it has maintained sunniness here.

  3. Flip flops inside your boots, heeeheehe....I'm crackin' up here!

    I'm sayin'! It's great outside pushin' up toward 70 but tomorrow they are predicting accumulating snow. Go figure. BTW: Weatherpated....good word!

  4. BWAHAHAHA.....this is just plain FUNNY!!

    Just like a woman she is....Mother Nature...can't make up her mind...

    < ducking >

  5.! Flip flops one day to boots the next. Must be springtime!

  6. From what I understand, your weather is coming our way...Thanks alot...

  7. Jeanie..
    I am as confused as you..
    I'm in Denver!
    my dentist called early..
    to cancel my appointment today..
    due to weather..
    altho snow is falling,
    and has piled up on roofs and grassy areas..
    streets remain relatively clear..
    I could've made that appointment..
    I think he just wanted to go skiing!!
    so I went back to bed and slept..
    oh well..
    will it really be in the 50's tomorrow?
    warmest hugs, laughing smiles..

  8. That's just too funny! Welcome to spring (officially Saturday afternoon)!

  9. I just want to thank you lovely ladies from CO. We should get your cold rain/snow tomorrow and Sunday! But that's okay. I would like to see it just one more time before I have to start spraying for ants!

  10. HAHA! I think I'm soon going to know just how you feel. It's still in the 60's here right now, but 100 miles northwest, it's in the 30's, moving this direction.

  11. Good one. Flip flops in snow shoes. Thanks for the idea!

  12. Mother Nature is having a hot flash in your area!

    I am so ready for blooms, warm weather and spring clothes shopping!

  13. "Weatherpated" - Mother Nature has you stuck? Mother Nature stuck it to you? The sudden cold made you clench your buttocks?

    They're all funny. It should be a term!!

  14. I DO know what you mean! We have bipolar weather around here, too. Although I'm happy to say that we've got 2 and a half more days of lovely Spring 'til the nastiness hits next week. And you can be sure I'll be outside enjoying it!

  15. LOVE the word weatherpated!
    Our days are opposite...yesterday cold and snowing, and I just got back from walking our dog and it is 72 degrees!

    Lindsey Petersen

  16. This is a great post!!! LOVE IT! Weatherpated yep i be weatherpated.

  17. You are so cute!! This time of year the weather is so weird!!

  18. That's terrible!

    It was beautiful here. I hope the weather stays like this. *fingers crossed*

  19. When my son went to the U of Michigan after a year in Belize, he actually wore flip-flops in the snow.

  20. I yi yi. Enough already with the snow. I hope it's the last storm of the year.

    Happy Spring, er, um, winter.


  21. Oh you made me laugh out loud!