Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fragments/Freewheeling Friday

Lately it seems like any blog mojo I ever had has been absent. I love reading what others have to say, but actually writing something myself just hasn't been happening very often. I started blogging as a way to help me notice and remember the little events and activities of my family that make up my life. While I am looking for my mojo Friday Fragments is great way to empty my head.

My 4 year old granddaughter, EJ, had her recital for her tap dancing class recently. She was a little nervous as she practiced her pose for the end of the dance before the recital.

She made it on stage and did great, even though she forgot her pose at the end.

My 11 year old grandson, Jared, has figured out that being a waiter is not a good future career choice as he served breakfast to a large crowd at a fundraiser for his baseball team. He never did figure out how to serve a cup of coffee without burning his hand. 

We had a couple of weeks of really windy weather. The wind was strong enough to blow fences down and uproot trees. The only good thing the wind did was melt our leftover snow and leave us with a week of beautiful spring weather. Winter is probably not totally gone for us but it sure has been nice to have a week of sunshine and 70s.

I guess even the "keep out" signs that kids put on their bedroom doors have gone high tech. I had to laugh at this one on the bedroom door of my 9 year old granddaughter, Hope. It is a little hard to see in the picture, but apparently it requires an electronic card for entry.

Now I am off to work on learning to take better pictures and to see if I can locate my blog mojo.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Mom Moments

I tried to be a good mom, really I did, but like most all of us, I had a few mom moments that I'm not exactly proud of. 

Image from Google Images

I'm  not sure why but most of the mom moments that come readily to my mind involve my oldest daughter, Jill....the middle child. Jill always said that her big brother and her little sister got the better deal. If these memories of mom moments are any indication she may be right.

When Jill was about 3, and not yet a middle child, we got to church one day with Jill dressed in a cute little dress and shoes and found out she was absolutely bare-bottomed. Everyone's mom has forgotten to give their kid panties to wear at one time or another.....right?

Another time, another trip to church, but this time it was for the opening service in a brand-spanking new church building. While we were getting ready Jill said her stomach didn't feel so good. Stellar mom that I was I said something like "I'm sure it will feel better soon" and off we went. A commotion during the service turned out to be Jill throwing up from her seat with her friends in the second row onto the seat in the row in front of her and then all the way up the aisle to the back of the building. I certainly didn't win very many mom points that day.

Then there was the time I left her on the side of the highway. We were traveling and a small carton of milk that had been left in a cup holder had gone bad. I pulled over so Jill could jump out and pour the sour milk out. While Jill was pouring the milk, her sister, Joanna, closed the door and of course I thought Jill was back in the van and off I went. I think Joanna has to share the blame for this one with me since she was in no hurry to tell me Jill wasn't with us. We did retrieve her but I think she may still be mad about that one.

I'll save the story of the time we lost her in an elevator for another time.

What was your worst mom moment?
Please don't leave me thinking I am the only one that has had them.

Friday, March 2, 2012

My Head, My Nose, My Tooth, Oh No, Ouch!

My oldest grandson, Jared, 11, did not have a good day today. He was playing touch football at school and he and his good friend, Ryan, did not see each other and collided when they were going after the same guy.

The playground aide said the first thing she saw was both of them rolling on the ground in pain. When they got them up and into the nurses offices it turned out that Jared had a pretty good head bump and a lost tooth, one that would probably come out soon anyway.  His friend, Ryan, didn't fare quite so well....he has a broken nose, presumably from contact with Jared's head. 

Of all my grandchildren Jared is probably the most sensitive, so along with spending the afternoon with a bad headache he spent it worrying about his friend.  He talked to Ryan later in the day and found out that as soon as the swelling goes down they will put some kind of stabilizing device on the nose and and it will be fine. I think Jared has finally been convinced that it was just an accident and he doesn't have to feel like some kind of bully. Sometimes it is tough being a kid.

Jared is visiting Ryan tonight with treats and sympathy.