Friday, September 11, 2009

Who is your grandmother?

All of my grandchildren have a lot of grandparents. By a lot, I mean they all have more than the regular two sets. They all have at least six, and it goes up from there. That is great thing for them at Christmas and on their birthdays and it works well for them in a lot of other ways. It does, however, present one problem....since kids don't usually call a grandparent by the same name everyone else does, how do you come up with enough "grandparent names" to keep everyone straight.

They call me Grandmom or Grandmommy, and my 7 year old granddaughter calls me a very abbreviated "grmom". The others are Grandma and Grandpa, Granddad and Gammy, Mimi and Pop, Grandma T and Big Pappy, and there are a couple of Nanas and Papas. The kids seem to have no problem keeping it all straight, but I have to admit I get a little confused sometimes.

I knew only one of my grandparents and I called her Grandmother. She had over 25 grandchildren and they all called her Grandmother. My kids called their grandmother Grandmom, and I guess I inherited that, and it is fine with me.

What did you call your grandmother?
What do your grandchildren call you, or what do you want to be called if you become a grandmother or have a grandparent-like relationship with a child?

I don't think we'll need any new ones, but I thought I'd get some ideas, just in case.


  1. Growing up I had a Granny (great-grandmother) a Grandma (My Dad's Mom) and a Nanny (Mom's Wicked Step-Monster). I loved two out of the three. Not bad :-)

    My husband's grandkids call me Joanna. It keeps things easy. But, I hope we've made some fun memories. The oldest just left for college and I've already received an email so I count that as pretty good.


  2. I called my grandmother "Oma" (German) and this is probably what my grandchildren will call me too. Or maybe "Omi", I like that better.
    My children called both of their grandparents Oma or Opa, but to differentiate, one was Oma Wiens and the other Oma Schellenberg.

  3. I called my grandmothers 'Nana' and 'Nana Brown'.... but I prefer to be called Grandma. Brylee and Griffin call me MUM... but they know I am their Grandma too!