Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Nights

For the last nine years or so my daughters and I have gotten together on Tuesday nights with each other and all the kids as they came along. It started when my first grandson was born. My daughter, Jill, was home alone all day with a new baby. Her husband does team roping and his night for roping is Tuesday. She didn't want being home alone with a new baby to last into the night so she "enlisted" her sister, Joanna, and me to join her every Tuesday night for some activity, and we have continued it weekly ever since.

Our Tuesday nights might be a trip to the mall, dinner at a restaurant, or more often dinner at one of our homes. It's when we dye Easter eggs and decorate Christmas cookies. It's when I get hit up to buy Girl Scout Cookies or school fund-raiser items. It's a wonderful once a week commitment to family.

As the kids are getting older and more involved in their own activities Tuesday nights are getting harder to come by. The three oldest are involved in everything from sports, to Brownies, to acting classes to piano lessons, so inevitably and more often, one of them has a practice or a class or a lesson or a meeting on Tuesday night. I think that going forward we will continue to have Tuesday nights, but some of them may have to be on Wednesday or Thursday.

On a recent Tuesday night we

Climbed trees

Just chilled

Played baseball

Learned to hit the ball
Or hid from the ball

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  1. What a special thing to have. To have your family so close, so that you can get together every week! That is awesome and a rare gift. I would love to plan to do that in the future, but with my luck....we´ll just have to wait and see. For now I´m happy if we all get together once a year!
    Your grandkids look adorable! Especially the little girl, trying to hit the baseball!