Friday, September 25, 2009

Bus Stops

On three different days this week I noticed people waiting at bus stops doing things that left me wondering. I saw a man standing waiting for a bus cleaning his ears with a cotton swab. He went through two or three of them as I sat watching him waiting for the light to change, tossing them on the ground when he was done.

On another day I saw a woman standing at a bus stop brushing her teeth. I was just passing by so I'm left to only imagine what she did about the spitting part.

This morning while I again waited for a light to change I saw a man sitting on a bench in a bus shelter with his foot propped up on the bench clipping his toenails. Yikes. The light couldn't change fast enough for me.

I wonder when personal hygiene  became a  public activity.

I wonder if people are really so busy that they have no other time for these things.

I wonder what I will see next.


  1. Ewwwww! To all three of them! I´ve never seen that done in public before, that is really weird. Where did you say you live.....? :)
    People need to shape up! THAT is not acceptable!

  2. Uh... I second Betty's "Ewwwww!" That's disgusting. Maybe it's just a REALLY long wait for that particular bus. ;-)

  3. Ummm. WHERE do you live? remind me not to visit...LOL! Gross people... I can't believe someone was brushing their teeth at a bus stop!