Wednesday, September 2, 2009

California Smokin'

Where I live in Colorado, we are about a thousand miles downwind from the fires currently burning in California. Yesterday our sky was clouded all day with a smokey haze from the fires.


SunsetIt was a pungent reminder of those who are so much more directly effected by those horrible fires.

We had a little wind today so it is much clearer, but there is still a haze.

Thanks to Fred Wilson, Dad to my daughter-in-law, Leah, and Papa to Wil and Anna for the beautiful sunrise picture and the title for this post.

And lots of hope that the fires will be contained soon.


  1. Well there is a positive! The fires make for pretty sunsets!

  2. It really brings the size of the fires home when I see that you are effected so far away. I love 30 miles from the fires but I can actually SEE the flames across the mountain ridges. And the smoke-- Oy. It's been more than a week since we've seen blue skies. Now they are saying it was arson. That makes me crazy!

  3. I can´t find an email address to respond to your comment on my blog, so I´m doing it here.
    You are so right on with that last sentence, Jeanie! I am totally opposite to my girls and try to show them how much I love them each day. I would do anything for them and they mean the world to me. But....I do try to let them have their freedom, because that saying is so true: Hold them tight and they will struggle to get loose, but if you let them "fly" they will come back to you.

    Maybe you could send me your email address, so I can respond more personally. Mine is

  4. WoW! Amazing pictures but they really pound in the magnitude of the horrific fires in California. My heart and prayers go out to all those involved. What a tragedy it is. Lighter note.....have a blessed weekend packed full of restful fun!!!