Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Still Trying to Figure Out Men

A few days ago I brought this mirror home to hang above the fireplace....

to replace this wreath which had gotten a little saggy and had started to shed .

When I put the mirror on the mantle to show to Doc (it's still not actually hung yet) the first thing he said was "I'm sure glad you're getting rid of that wreath, it always made me think of a funeral."
So I guess he has sat there in front of the TV and the wreath for a few years thinking of funerals and never mentioned it.
And this from the man who decided all on his own when we moved to this house that we needed to have this:
And no, neither one of us can play the piano.
I'm still trying to figure out men.


  1. I totally get the piano-- Hubby and I don't play either. But when we have parties, I cover it and use it for the buffet :-)

  2. hahaha, but it sure looks good standing there! :)
    Yeah, if you figure men out, let me know, ´cause I have one of "those" too! :)

  3. I love the mirror... I wouldn't have liked the wreath either! As for the piano? DOH! pointless... dustcatcher. But pretty.

  4. Ok. When someone's blog entry makes me chuckle out loud I need to be a follower. That is just like a man not to say anything. My hubby doesn't say anything until he's had a few beers and there are other people around... which isn't very often thank God!