Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sundays In My City

Unknown Mami

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Oh What A Beautiful Morning

I hadn't thought about participating in Sundays In My City when I went for a walk early this morning. I didn't have a camera with me. It was such a nice day in my city I wanted to participate anyway, so with no pictures and apologies to Unknown Mami for that, this was Sunday in my city:

The cloudless sky was a beautiful bright blue, the azure sky of poem and song.

To the east the new morning sun was shining warm and bright.

To the west the Rocky Mountains stood grandly against the beautiful blue sky showing newly snow-capped peaks.

Everyone I passed said a friendly "hello" or "good morning" and some of their dogs wanted to be even more neighborly.

The trees are just beginning to change colors and drop their leaves...each small gust of wind had me walking through a shower of falling leaves.

It was a beautiful morning in my city


  1. Yeah! You did it! No more word verification! :)

    I loved this post for Sunday in the City. You made us imagine the beautiful weather and the bright blue sky. Sometimes that´s the best picture!

  2. Beautiful use of descriptive words! I pictured everything you wrote in my head. We also had a beautiful sunny day. I hope to participate next week in "Sundays."

  3. Are you kidding me? With a post like that who needs photos. My mind's eye took me there. I love it!

  4. I could see everything in my mind..and it was beautiful!