Thursday, April 28, 2011

Freewheeling Friday

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I had a head full of things to empty out in a Freewheeling Friday post today, but they all emptied out prematurely when I got my mail yesterday. The only thing that has been on my mind since then is the letter I got from the IRS saying that I owe a little over $17,000 in taxes from 2009. Yikes! I don't know if it was the getting dizzy when I saw the fat envelope with the IRS return address or the fainting when I read the amount they said I owe, but one or the other pretty much cleared all other thoughts out of my head for a while.

Once I came to and actually read the letter I figured out that there was either an error on my 1099 or an error made by the CPA that prepared my tax return. It is all going to the CPA today, so hopefully it will get figured out soon. It will be a pain, but I feel confident that it will be resolved.


Even a big tax problem doesn't begin to compare to the horror being faced by the people in Alabama and other southern states after the recent tornadoes. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


I don't think I have gone quite as crazy over the royal wedding as some people, but I have enjoyed watching all the coverage from London, a city I loved visiting. When I was there a few years ago with my friend Patty, we walked from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace. It was a wonderful walk on a beautiful September day. We took lots of pictures along the way. This is the one that turned out to be our favorite.


  1. Yikes, 17,000? Boo to the tax man! I hope you are able to resolve it without too much problem. Love the picture. I've recorded the wedding coverage and may or may not watch it. Enjoy your weekend and try not to worry.

  2. loved the humps sign; not sure what a hump is in London, but cute sign!

    That would have gotten me too with the IRS letter; I'm sure it will work itself out, especially since you got someone helping you to figure it out!

    I'm with you, such devastation from those storms; it makes us really stop and think about how blessed we truly are!


  3. Yikes! I can just imagine the look on your face when you saw that letter. I'm sure the CPA will straighten it out. Or at least he better.

    Those storms in the south were just awful. I feel so bad for those people. I'm fortunate not to live in an area that gets that kind of weather.

    No royal wedding interest for me.

  4. I confess, I went a tad crazy for the wedding! It was lovely! But what I really hope is that your tax problem gets straightened around soon. That's a little scary!

  5. I agree that the letter from IRS is not as devastating as what has happened in Alabama and throughout the South, but I would absolutely freak out if I opened up a letter such as that. Hopefully the CPA gets it straightened out in your favor very quickly.

  6. Ok, that´s not even funny, getting such a letter! I really really hope that it gets straighten´d out!
    I was not really into the wedding either, but since I have internet at my desk at work (and my co-workers don´t), they constantly wanted to check out the wedding, so I had to "get into" it. :)

  7. $17,000 and you are still happy - that is so cool - I am sure it will work out too - but I would be so stressed!!!!!!!!!


  8. EEEgads, I'd probably have fainted! I do hope you get it figured out fast!
    now, I didn't go Ga-Ga over the wedding but I was up with my son who was sick so I did have it on and watched it and it was quite lovely.
    I have just been in shock with all the destruction; it really is incomprehensible Jeanie...

  9. I hope the IRS thing works out. I hope it is just a mistake.

    My friend got audited once and it was awful...but she got through it ok. (:>)

    I will say a little prayer for you.

    I enjoyed the wedding...but mostly enjoyed the times when they would smile at each other. I hope it is true love...and a lasting marriage.

    We all want to believe in Fairy Tales and Happily Ever After.


  10. Ouch! What a letter! We actually got stung for $10,000 this year! But that still is nothing compared to the horrible destruction in the southeast!

    Loved the wedding! It looked like a perfect day! I wish them much happiness, too!

  11. Isn't that awful that just seeing an envelope in the mail from the IRS can raise the heart rate and make us have to sit down to read it. They have so much power. Yikes. I hope your tax preparer can get to the bottom of this soon and that the error is not something that means you have that much to pay to the IRS.

  12. Oh gosh - how taxing! Hope it gets sorted out soon!

    Being a Brit, I did watch the wedding for an hour yesterday and enjoyed it a lot.

  13. Yikes
    I hope you get this whole tax thing figured out...that can scare a person to death for sure.
    Love that must have been great to be in London (without the wedding crowd).
    The tornados are the most awful thing. We are so lucky to live in a place with hardly any freaky weather things. Tornados are flooding to speak earth Quakes...
    What will be on the news now that the wedding is over (o:

  14. Well, lets hope the tax office is wrong! The sign is so funny. I didn't watch the wedding, but loved her dress. I'm sure they will be happy together.

  15. You're right...everything pales in comparison to what our friends Down South are having to endure. But for your sake, hope the CPA catches the error!

  16. Yikes I hope you do get that bill sorted out!
    I would die on the spot if I got an IRD bill for $17,000!
    I loved watching the wedding... live on TV.

  17. Whew girl, they'd been scrapin' me off the floor if I read such a letter! Shoot, I break out in a sweat just handlin' and IRS letter! Heeehehe!

    God bless and have a marvelous day my friend!

  18. OMG! I live it dread of getting a letter like that! Praying it's just a big mistake!

  19. Oh wow that would have really upset me if I owed that much. Wonder why they are just getting around to letting you know now! Hopefully it is all a big mistake!

  20. I had a nice chuckle with that Humps sign too.
    But gosh, $17,000? That would make me faint too! I hope it gets straightened out quickly and painlessly. How aggravating! Still, you do count your blessings when you think of the devastation people are facing around the country right now.