Tuesday, May 3, 2011

And That Dummy Is Me

I have never claimed to be a computer expert or a blogging expert, but I'm a little frustrated that after 2 1/2 years of blogging I still encounter blog (or Blogger) problems that I can't resolve. My current issue is that for about the last two weeks I can't get my own pictures to publish when I am using the updated Blogger editor. I can import them and they show up when I am writing a post but they don't show up on the preview or a published post. If I switch to the old Blogger editor the pictures will post but there are other things about the old editor that I don't like, including the way the published post looks. 

I know there are formats other than Blogger that many people prefer, but I just don't have the knowledge or energy to try to make a switch right now. While I wait for a miraculous spontaneous fix, does anyone have any knowledge of what my problem might be? If you can offer anything I would really appreciate it....and keep in mind that any words you use need to be able to be understood by a dummy.

Speaking of pictures, do you have a picture of yourself in your profile on your blog? I have always had one and I changed it a while back because the one I had was a couple of years old. I had one for a few weeks that looked pretty much like a mug shot so I changed it again and I still don't like the one I have. I'm not looking to have a glamour shot, but I can't come up with a decent picture. I like to see a picture of the writer when I read a blog, so that is why I put a picture on mine. What is your opinion....picture or no picture of yourself on your blog and do you like to see a picture of the writer on blogs you read?


  1. Jeanie, I use a Mac so I don't know much about using the updated blog editor. But then again, I don't know much about a lot of things when it comes to getting my blog to look how I want it to look. I just fumble around. I haven't had much time lately to mess with the way it looks.

    I make a folder with the photos I wish to use on a blog entry on my desktop. I then post from that folder. Keep in mind that I do use a Mac, so I think posting photos works differently with it.

    I have been trying to put "copyscape" on my blog for months and have never figured it out. Finally, I asked my husband to help me. He is good with all things computer, but he couldn't figure it out either.

    I do like having a photo on my blog that shows how I look. I also like to see photos of others on their blogs. I associate the photo with the name of the blog and the person who writes the blog. I use a photo that is cut from a group photo that was taken about a year ago.

  2. I like the picture you have of yourself now. And yes, I like it when the blog author has a picture of themselves in the profile. Many don´t, but it makes it so much more personal with a pic.
    I haven´t had the problem you do with blogger, so I can´t really help. When I do have a problem with uploading pics I usually use Windows Live Writer. Have you heard of that Program? You can upload all the pics and write the post off line (and it´s much quicker to upload), and when the post is finished you can upload it to your blog.
    I hope you find a solution to your problem.

  3. I have heard great things about Live Writer like Betty said; I looked into it but this present computer I'm using (my MIL's) I needed to update this or that on it and hubby was reluctant for me to do so, so I'll have to wait and see if my computer ever gets fixed (somthing hubby is supposed to be working on LOL)

    Anyway, I haven't used the new Blogger editor, didn't even know there was one out. I know sometimes I can't load more than one picture unless I do it in the HTML mode on the page I'm composing the entry.

    I don't have any pictures of us on my blog because of my paranoia with privacy LOL. And partly because I don't have any recent pictures of me I like......but who knows, if I ever get this weight off, I'm thinking of posting a picture then :)


  4. Jeanie,
    YES, a photo of you is important on the "About Me" section. Have you thought of making an ABOUT ME PAGE? Blogger has static pages you can create, just like a Website and you name them, e.g. ABOUT ME, or CONTACT ME PAGE, or whatever you wish to create. You can go to Pages, next to Post and create them. That way you can have a photo about you that's larger than your sidebar one, with other stuff about you.
    Now uploading photos is easy in the Compose mode, as you upload them from your files. For example I use Picasa and my pictures and then I select the one I want by saving the spot with the cursor where I want it placed in my post. I can then right click on the photo and either make it S,M or large and right, left or center it. When I hit preview it's there, but not a YOuTUBE video, which only shows the box placement, not the first page you'll see.
    Don't know if that helps at all. Sonia.

  5. mine is an "idealized" photo (i.e. a 'years old one'

    Hope blogger straightens out for you soon!

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  6. I was having problems with Blogger a couple of nights ago when I couldn't visit anybody. I guess the system was just down. I'm not exactly sure what your photo posting problem is. So far that part is working OK... for now.

    As for the picture of yourself, I definitely love having a picture of the person so I can feel the connection better knowing who I'm writing to. And I like your photo, too.

  7. Sorry I can't help you with the photo problem, I have had no problems at all.
    And yes, I do like putting a photo of myself up on my blog... and sometimes I have to take over 50 photos before I get one I kinda like!

  8. I'm with you on the dummy issue ... in fact, I have the book sitting right here next to me, but it's of little use for the blogging issues. As for the photos, I like to see what the person looks like NOW, not twenty years ago, even if they think they look old or fat or wrinkled.

  9. I like to see a photo of the person that writes the blog and your photo is a nice one. I use Live Writer to do posts and never have any problem uploading pictures. Give it a try!

  10. Hi Jeanie, I'm Odie and saw your responce on Belle's blog so I was just checking you out. I have only been blogging since last june and am learning new things every day. Not sure what you are referring to about an updated editor. I just used what is there to upload pictures and it works pretty well If I center them all. I don't know how to get creative with it yet. I've been having a lot of fun and have probably more people I keep track of than I should but I try. Hope you get your problems worked out and have a great rest of the week.

  11. Blogger has been havin' picture issues for several weeks now. I've been on their forum. It's frustrating to say the least.

    I like to get more than a mental picture of the person who writes the blog.

    Mine is just silly, I was playin' dress~up with the grandkiddos and my DIL snapped the pic, but it's just so me.

    God bless and have a fulfilled day sweetie! :o)

  12. I like to see pictures of people on their blogs. I have just started using the new editor and my picture thingy works fine. I hope yours starts working.

  13. I like to see of whom I'm blogging to - and I like your picture!

    I have been problems with blogger myself - and posting. I think it has to do my picassa and posting from there.

    Sorry I can't be of more help - can you go back to the old one for awhile - wait a month - and then try again?

    Sometimes they resolve themselves.


  14. I have an ancient picture on my blog... must change it!

    Hope you get the issue with photos sorted out!

  15. Definitely include a photo of yourself - it makes you seem more real to your reader. I have had the most luck with photos when I crop a photo where I was with someone else, such as a loved one, in a fun situation. I crop it so that only my head is in the photo, and I find I look more natural and happy than when I am posing for a 'mug shot'!

  16. I always like it when there is a picture of who's writing the blog I'm reading!! Much more personal!! Your picture is great by the way!

  17. I have had different problems with blogger, the name of my blog disappearing, the link to my blog when I left comments disappeared, then it all came back and I have no idea why. I never really thought one way or another about a picture. I started my blog when I found out I was going to be a grandparent and had very few pictures on my computer of me. I had my son's teddy bear and baby quilt out and took a picture of them and have never changed it.