Friday, February 19, 2010

The Winter of our Discontent

I'm taking a risk here. My most recent post was a joke, and now I'm posting about the weather. Is there an award for the lamest blogger ever?  Oh well, back to the weather. I may not have been reading as many blogs this time last year as I do now, but I don't remember that there was near as much talk (complaining) in blogland about the weather a year ago as there is now. This seems to be a winter that has everyone wishing for an acceleration of global warming.

Early on, say back in November or so, there were a lot of wonderful snow pictures posted and praise for the beauty of the first snow of the season. In December many of us were full  of the wonder and joy of a white Christmas. Even in early January there were still lots of pictures showing up of cute snowmen and kids and dogs romping in the snow.

As this winter has worn on it seems to have worn us out. There has been snow in places that haven't seen snow for many years. Temperatures in some states have dipped to rarely seen lows and sent people running to dig coats and scarves out of storage boxes. Places that are used to cold and snow seem to be having more cold and more snow than even they are used to.  Snow shovels have broken and their users are worn down. Beautiful snow pictures have given way to grumblings about Winter and wishes for Spring.

Even as I sit her watching it snow yet again, I am well aware that in some parts of the world it is summer and it is hot, too hot. I wish nothing less than a cool and refreshing rain for those with too much heat. For those of us in the winter weary Northern Hemisphere, I am joining those who are saying enough is enough.

I won't be taking any pictures of the snow that is coming down here today or of the snow that is predicted for tomorrow. There will be visions of blooming flowers and budding trees dancing in my head. I am a summer person. I love little girls in summer dresses and little boys with bare feet. As I bundle up and shovel the driveway once again, (okay, Doc does most of the shoveling) I will be looking forward to the pictures you will soon be posting of the flowers in your garden and of your kids and grandkids eating a melting ice cream cone.

I will revel in your pictures of Spring.....until Summer comes and we all start complaining about the heat.


  1. I feel for you! I think your winter has been pretty harsh this year and am pretty glad not to be there for it. I hope it starts to warm up soon!

  2. It is snowing here AGAIN today too!! I am not discouraged or unhappy with it, partially because I don't work any longer and don't go out in it much, just shovel snow and back and forth to the mail box. I sit inside in warm and cozy clothes and watch the critters outside and marvel at their resilience and stamina, which I have very little. I am lazy. Smile.

  3. We've had snow on the ground for the past two months with another blizzard on its way. Sorry to disappoint - but I LOVE the snow - it's magical and I'm enjoying every moment.

    Remember - to enjoy the beauty of snowflake, we have to be prepared to get a bit cold1 ;-)

  4. Joke,'s called variety dear one, don't apologize for it!

    I agree with ya'll, I don't know when this winter will ever end. We keep gettin' hit every two to three days. Bummer!

    God bless and enjoy your day!!!

  5. Yes, it has been one of those winters, for all part of the country. I hear that there is snow in all 48 continental states, and that some northern states are warmer than those in the south. It's crazy.
    I can't wait until summer.

  6. I HATE winter. Hate everything about it. Spring really needs to get here soon.

    I agree, I think more people are annoyed with this weather than every before.

  7. I'm looking forward to Spring Flower Posts too! I have been finished with winter since New Year's Day. Here in TX we aren't supposed to have cold like this...

  8. today is a BEAUTIFUL sunny day and i am just pretending the snow isn't there. yay sun!

  9. I'm a transplanted SoCal girl and although I've been in middle earth for about 15 years, I still turn into a 10 year old every time it snows. If I didn't have to drive in it, and didn't have to shovel it, and didn't have to take the dog out in it every two or three hours, I think my life would be lovely!

    I don't do gardening, but I love to watch the magic of Spring when it all comes together!

    Nice post!

  10. I am usually a summer person, but for some reason I have found this summer just awful! Too hot. Too humid. ADD hot flushes into the mix and I can't wait till winter! At least in winter you can control the temperature by adding clothes, turning on the heater. In summer I simply cannot walk around naked.... lol!

  11. I have wished for snow but somehow it never reaches the Middle East... it did rain for one day though ;0)

  12. I hate winter so much. But at least the sun is shining today and there isn't any snow in the forcast till Wed.

  13. ...and I was just asking for some fresh snow...What we have is getting a bit thin...come on snow!!! After all, it's only February...

  14. I like all four seasons.

    The unofficial fifth one, called Mud Season, was a real drag. We had that where I used to live with TOB.

    I know some Canadians who moved to Anguilla permanently because as they said, "we are tired of ten months of winter and two months of really bad snow mobiling."

    They are probably the smartest people I know.

  15. Yesterday.. Saturday was pretty nice around here. This has been a pretty cold winter. I use to love the summer but lately it has been too hot. I just hope we don't go straight from winter to summer like we have some years!

  16. here in the East we have been dumped on way too much(snow, that is). There is hope, though...In a small patch of exposed earth in my garden, there are crocus spikes pushing through!
    Come on Spring!!

  17. Jeanie..
    I too am a transplanted Florida Beachy girl..
    living in Denver now for over 5 years..
    and still i tire of the seemingly endless winter here..
    once gone though, I adore all the beauty that is Denver..easily enjoying the beauty of each season as it out and about with Nikon and Kodak, capturing new discoveries..
    I think it is the grayness and cold which saps my soul and adds to the misery of my arthritic hands..
    even a ray of sunlight is like medicine for my soul..
    thanks for a beautiful post!