Sunday, February 28, 2010

What Does Your Refrigerator Say About You?

I suppose you can tell a lot about people from what they keep inside their refrigerator. The person whose refrigerator is stocked with only fruits and vegetables may have a different outlook than the one whose refrigerator is stocked mostly with puddings and pies. Those who have mostly milk and juice may live differently than  those who have only cold beer and a bottle of ketchup.  Though what we keep inside the refrigerator may be telling, I think what we have on the outside may tell us even more.

There is nothing on the front of my refrigerator, but I do have a few things on one side. After the cleaning people were here last week they were all rearranged which brought them to my attention.  They all represent a memory to me.

This was a gift from a friend a long time ago

Reminders of places I have visited

This was given to my daughter a long time ago after she broke her nose in a car wreck because she was not wearing a seat belt.

My grandaughter, Hope, made this for me when she was 4 years old

My oldest daughter, Jill, gave this to me when she was a teenager, probably looking for a favorable answer to something she wanted to do.

I also have two old cartoons. One is a guy filling a Starbucks van with gas, asking the guy beside him "Did you ever think we would pay this price for a gallon of gas?"  The other is a little boy playing ball with his grandmother asking her "Did you have any fun things to do before I was born, Grandma?"

What do you have on your refrigerator that tells something about you?


  1. I have so many things on my fridge that you almost can't see what color it is! All of the types you mentioned, many photos of grandkids and dogs(past and present), even granddogs. One favorite(on fridge for 30 years): The love of a family is so uplifting. The warmth of a family is so comforting. The support of a family is so reassuring. The attitude of a family towards each other molds one's attitude forever towards the world". A Howard Huge cartoon with him(a big dog) on the couch and the man pushing on him and saying to the wife "Tell me again...who's the master here?". And a placemat with a grandson's handprints that says "Grandchildren have a certain way of growing bigger every day. But these little hands and this special smile will stay in our hearts a long, long while".

    What a great idea for a post!

  2. Too bad we can't upload a photo in the comments. I have some magnets too and one cartoon, the rest is photos of family and friends. My cartoon is pretty funny. It says "Procrastination can be deadly," the picture is of a couple of dinousaurs looking at Noahs Ark and they have missed the boat, it is loaded up and floating away. One is looking at the other and says, "Oh Crap was that today?"

  3. The side of my fridge is filled with notes from school, coupons, kids stuff and a calendar listing all the places my kids need to be. I guess it speaks to where I am in in my life!

  4. Oh, I have so much on my refrigerator...the problem is I never clean it off so there are items from years and years ago. I have magnet dolls made in Guatemala from a visit we had there a few years ago, a beach magnet from Hawaii, one of those homemake magnets on of the kids made in elementary school. (It is supposed to be of them, but it is hard to tell which "them" it is!)
    I'd rather you look IN my refrigerator because my husband does all of the cooking and shopping and it is very neatly arranged, (as only a person with OCD could do.) PLUS it is all healthy. (He keeps the non-healthy food locked in our bedroom!!!)

    Lindsey Petersen

  5. On the front of the refrigerator I have paper and pencil for grocery list. Next to that are pictures of my brother, SIL, and their son. And then I have papers with good healthy food lists.

  6. Great post, I loved reading these! :D

  7. I have two fridges.
    In one is fruit/veges/dairy stuff/jams/pickles/ and ONE bottle of diet coke.

    In the other is 10 bottles of DIET COKE, 23 bottles of beer, 5 bottles of wine, and a cabbage!


    On the outside of my fridges is... FINGERPRINTS! And nothing else! I like an uncluttered fridge. Minus the fingerprints, must do something about them ... soon!

  8. Great personality test. I love it.
    Outside of my fridge right now has:
    Paperwork for a blood test I was supposed to have 3 months ago, but hate to have done. Nothing other than an annual check-up. A great photo of my 84-year-old dad and his wife Jill, 4 free tickets to see a movie, a calendar with guess what? Tropical beaches. Is that enough clutter for you?

  9. Being so dang freaky neat an all I only have three things on the front of my 'frig. I have a little ceramic one inch magnet flower pot with pink flowers a little hand spade with a lady bug. This covers my obsessive flower disorder.

    I the cutest little lamb magnet that my best friend gave me that says smack in the middle of it,"A friend is a blessing from God," reminding I have a true friend and to be a friend.

    I have a 2X3 inch tin sign that reads, " You're spirited, you're strong, you are a survivor!" That just gives me a lift every time I read it.

    That's all folks! :o)

    God bless and enjoy this day!!!

  10. I only have pictures of my three kids and my brother on my fridge. My sister-in-law used to work for a gift shop at Fisherman's Wharf, one of our city's popular tourist attraction spots. She collected so many fridge magnets that it covered her entire fridge. Some of them are truly a work of art. Unfortunately she threw them all away when her fridge died last year.

  11. The front of my refrigerator is empty, but one side has a miniature photo gallery of all of our rescued animals over the years. They're all magnets, all the same size, all with color portraits and black backgrounds.

    That says I like animals and I'm a bit anal. ;)

  12. I have very few refrigerator magnets but I have that first one, too.

    RnPB: Ch 013 - Clean Up

  13. What an interesting topic. Now you get me thinking and trying to remember what we have on the fridge. You really keep things for a long time.

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