Friday, February 26, 2010

I've Been Tagged

The Lone Star Queen at Howdy From Cowtown has tagged me to play a game. To play you have to answer each question with one word. I have a tendency to need to explain myself, so this will be hard for me.

Your cell phone? old

Your Hair? colored

Your Mother? deceased

Your Father? deceased

Your Favorite Food? Mexican

Your Dream Last Night? scary

Your Favorite Drink? coffee

Your Dream/Goal? peace

Where Are You ? office

Your Hobby?  grandkids

Your Fear?  dementia

Where Do You See Yourself In Six Years? traveling

Where Were You Last Night? daughter's

Something That You Aren't? unhappy

Muffins? yum

Wish List Item?  vacation

Where Did You Grow Up? Oklahoma

What Are You Wearing? T-shirt

Your TV? news

Your Pets? Dodger

Friends? precious

Your Life? fortunate

Your Mood? volatile

Missing Someone? sometimes

Vehicle? SUV

Something You Aren't Wearing?  make-up

Your Favorite Store? Anthropologie

Your Favorite Color? rainbow?

When Was The Last Time You Laughed? recently

Last Time You Cried? unrecalled

Your Best Friend? deceased

One Place You Go To Over And Over Again? work

Facebook? yes

Twitter? No

Favorite Place To Eat?  out

Tag, your it. I dare 5 of you to play this game. Even though the questions are short, one word answers are not easy. C'mon, the 5 wordiest of you, give this a try. Just choose among yourselves.


  1. The shorter the answer the harder they are but they are somehow more telling.

    One Single Impression - Insomnia

  2. Good Job and thanks for playing. The one word answers are very infomative.

  3. I´m scared of dementia too!
    I liked reading this. Gave some new insights. :)

  4. Amazing how much ya can learn about someone in one word answers. Thanks Jeanie for letting us know you better.

    God bless ya'll :o)

  5. Memes are so much fun because I learn so much about the blogger. Great job.

    Anytime you want to go to Anthropologie in Los Angeles jsut holler. I love that place :-)

    Have a great weekend.

  6. You laugh more than you cry and you like coffee. You're all right!!

  7. You'll have to tell me about your dream!