Saturday, February 27, 2010

Six Word Saturday

Looking forward to a gentle Saturday

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  1. Gentle is good. Gentle brings calm and cozy and snuggles. Hope your Saturday is gentle!

  2. Hope you have a great Weekend.. sweet post!

  3. ~sounds delightful...gentle such a kind word to express calmness...brightest blessings~

  4. Oh Jeanie... me too! I'm propped up in bed with a wonderful cup of java and three furry critters slumbering beside me. From the looks of it, things will be on the gentle side here at the Casa too. That is, until the cats wake up and realize they are both on top of the bed together. MEOW!

  5. Here I am a chick on the run tryin' to do waaaay to much as usual and I stop to pop up....just four blogs and this smacks right in my heart. I'm gonna try and have ma a gentle Saturday. Ahhhhhhh....breathe in.....breathe out! Thanks I needed that sis!

    God bless and enjoy your gentle Saturday!!!

  6. Great six words. One of the things I like about taking part in 6WS is that I discover new and wonderful bloggers. I just had a look at some of your past post and I will be back. Have a great weekend and happy blogging.

  7. My kind of Saturday or any day !!! Happy 6WS

  8. My daughter's gentle Saturday (she's in Paris for the day while working in London until this Wednesday) e-mail to Dad: (with picture)
    "This is right outside of my cafe. We counted 117 police in full riot gear. Americans sitting beside me helped me count. This is wild. I am sitting here and it is literally 5 feet away."

    BBC said:
    "Up to 13 people have been arrested after an argument over a ticket in a Paris metro station sparked riots.
    Police used tear gas to disperse up to 100 youths at the Gare du Nord, one of Paris's major transport hubs."

    She took the Chunnel train, I am thinking it will all be over by the time the 9PM heads out tonight.

    Mom's e-mail back, sent with comfort: "They said Sarkozy protesters"

    Happy Gentle 6WS! :)

  9. A gentle Saturday sounds wonderful - hope it's followed by an even gentler Sunday!

  10. I hope your Saturday was very gentle :)

  11. I hope Saturday treated you well. Thanks for playing!