Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding, A Fun Trip and Technical Difficulties At Home

I arrived home from a beautiful wedding and a very fun trip to a computer that wasn't working. A very technically gifted young man came yesterday and got my computer working and then last night and this morning Blogger was only working part time for me. Then my pictures wouldn't download with the program
I normally use, so when I got them downloaded I couldn't do any editing (thus the head in the bottom of my first picture ). 
I think I have almost everything back in working order for now, including myself after my first day back at work today.

Here are some pictures of the wedding and the setting.

I left in the middle of a snow storm that left 24 inches of snow at our house, enjoyed a few days in the sun and came home to almost all of the snow melted. It is going to be 75 degrees tomorrow. I have no complaints.


  1. Oh my, it looks like the perfect wedding spot for a wedding or anything else if your leaving a snowstorm behind.

    Technology is a great thing when it works. There are fully times I know my computer is demon possessed and be exercised.

    So happy ya'll came back to warmer weather than you left. Take care, rest up and have one terrific day!!!

  2. Wow wow wow wow wow!

    Beautiful images and a huge contrast in environments! Was it hard to tear yourself away from that gorgeous scenery? Nothing says complete inner happiness and well-being like a couple well placed palm trees, I always say.

    Welcome home.

    PS: Do you use Live Writer for your blog posts?

  3. What a beautiful place to vacation in and have a wedding! I bet it felt even better, knowing at home there was a snow storm blowing! :)

  4. What a gorgeous spot for a wedding! The bride and groom look so happy!

    Glad you got the computer working. There's nothing worse then "being disconnected" and not knowing how to fix it yourself.

    Welcome home. Glad it's warming up for you.


  5. Oh - what a lovely setting! Looks like the perfect romantic wedding.

  6. Did I miss who's wedding it was? Beautiful setting. The ocean is always soothing though.