Saturday, November 21, 2009

Six Word Saturday

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 Never trust a dog named Dodger
All is well that ends well

I've posted in the last couple of weeks about how Doc and I have adopted and fallen in love with a litte mutt named Dodger. Our "perfect" little guy has shown his not so perfect side.....he is an escape artist. Our now Artful Dodger staged his own escape Thursday night  by jumping on a table in the garage, hitting a garage door opener with his paw and taking off as quickly as a pickpocket. No, I don't think he knew what he was doing. I think it was a fluke and an oversight on our part leaving the opener on the table, but he was gone.

After alerting the neighbors,who were very nice to us help look for him,  and driving around for hours calling his name,  to no avail, we spent a long, sleepless, anxious and lonely night.  He has a chip and a rabies tag, so I held out hope. Friday morning, after hours of contacting all the places you can contact to find a lost dog, we got a call from our vet that they had gotten a call from the local humane society and he was there. I had tried to call there all morning, but they don't answer phones until 11 a.m.  Someone had found him and taken him there Thursday night. . We are a happy family today.

Artful Dodger


  1. Poor Dodger, poor puppy. ;-) Too bad he felt he had to escape, was it out through all that pretty snow that he ran?

    Adi ran away (or got lost) when we first moved up here to our retirement home. We looked and looked for her.
    Later that evening a fellow came riding by in his golf cart. Seeing us outside agin, he asked it this might be our beagle. Thank goodness for him.

    I like your name, Artful Dodger. I do hope that he can shed that name soon though and it will only be a memory. Aren't those chips wonderful!

    Happy 6WS! Thank you for peeking in on Mrs. Jim's flower arrangement. The fellow put it together for her group. Later it became a door prize.

  2. Smart little cookie, isn't he? I'm sorry you had to go through that "not knowing" time. Happy the chip worked!

    Happy 6ws


  3. When a family member is missing, you go all out. Happy ending.

  4. I'm glad you got the little escape artist back. He just needed a quick adventure!

    Thanks for playing 6WS.

  5. I think he´ll get used to staying put yet. He will feel the love you have for him and will not want to run off anymore!

  6. Oh man that's a hard night. I had an 18 year old cat gone for near 24 hours once. You just can't think about anything else until they're home safe, can you?

  7. I swear pets are much more clever than we give them credit for. My mom's parakeet has learned how to pry a cupboard door open just enough to jump inside. The door shuts after her, and she sits there quietly in the dark and does not chirp (as she usually does) when Mom calls her. Playing hide and seek? You'd think it was a fluke, except she's hidden in the cupboard several times now.

    I wouldn't leave that garage door remote anywhere Dodger can reach it. He may know more than you think.

  8. glad you got him back! That's a very cute photo!!

  9. oh my what a story...

    i agree all is well that ends well

  10. I am glad you got the Artful Dodger back. I could picture his escape as you described it, and had to smile.

    Thanks for your comment on my post. We did have a delightful day with family. And we pigged out!

    I love the picture of you with your precious grandkids...
    We have had 14 grandkids but 3 of them are living in heaven with Jesus. Out of the 11 we will have 6 teenagers soon. Sometimes I can hardly believe how fast they grow up!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  11. Crikey - what a Houdini! You must be so relieved that he's back home.

  12. Don't need pets - we have GRANDCHILDREN!

    JzB the pet-free trombonist

  13. Sounds like Dodger is a teenager. I'm so happy he is back with you and what a cutie. Is he a Westie? My rat terrier did that as a puppy. We found her. She had run across a very busy street to the next neighborhood.

  14. He hit the garage opener! Maybe he can be on David Letterman's Pet Tricks segment!
    Glad you found him.
    Happy Sunday.

  15. You are so lucky to have found him. Dodger is a lucky dog too.

  16. Ya have to admit, that is one resourceful little doggie. I am so very happy for you that he was found.

    Have a great day filled with new found blessings!!! Have a terrific Thanksgivings!!!