Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Surprise Package From Far Away

5,180.1 Miles

That's how far the package I got in the mail from my friend Betty at A Glimpse Into Midlife traveled to get to me. Betty is a wonderful blogger and a great friend. Her's was one of the first blogs I ever read, before I really even had a clue about blogging. What a wonderful thing that a friendship can grow between two people with that much distance between them. Because most people are so honest and forthright on their blogs, I sometimes think we know our blog friends as well or better than those that we share a face-to-face friendship with. It turned out that Betty and I both had the idea of sending one another a gift at the same time and our gifts apparently crossed in the mail.

Betty sent me some beautiful handcrafted items from her town, Filadelfia, Paraguay.

There was a beautiful handwoven mat. I know just where I am going to put it.

And this handmade Christmas tree ornament. I have a special affinity for tree ornaments and enjoy collecting them from all over the world. How did Betty know this?

And this cute little souvenir from her town. I think this might become a tree ornament also.

Thank you so much, Betty, for your friendship and thoughtfulness.


  1. Oh man, I was going to send you those exact same things! Shoot!

    Betty sounds like a wonderful friend. You're right about blogging bringing bright spirits together. Although we put only a thumbnail sketch of ourselves online, we are usually very open and truthful, otherwise what's the point. I love that about the blogging community too, Jeanie.

    Congratulations on your beautiful gifts. They are almost as pretty as YOU!

  2. Those are just lovely! I had a wonderful chat friend years ago who was a bush nurse in the Australian Outback. She and her family lived in a small Aboriginal village. When she told one of the men in the village she was getting ready to send me a package he asked her to please wait...he wanted to include something for me. He hand-painted two bracelets made out of some kind of native pods with all kinds of Aboriginal symbols. Beautiful! A person can spend a fortune on a gift, but isn't it the handmade things that truly are priceless?

  3. I'm so happy you liked the things I sent! And that it arrived so quickly. I agree about us knowing each other so well from our blogs. It's a great freindship i want to uphold!

  4. Betty is a wonderful blogger and a wonderful blog friend. Your gifts from Paraguay and Betty are lovely-- all perfect reminders of why blogging is so much fun.


  5. What a joyful surprise to receive gifts such as these. I totally agree about our blogger friends. Who knew we could get so close to folks we've never met? This online world can be a true blessing.

  6. What beautiful gifts Betty sent you. I'm learning a lot from her about living in a foreign country.

    I think Betty liked what you sent to her, too!

    Like so many others, I feel I have a whole separate set of friends. I love my blogger friends!

    liz from noexcuses