Monday, November 16, 2009

Career Path-Not or I Think I'll Just Keep The Job I Have

I've had my current job for over 11 years and there are days (weeks and months) when I think I need a change, something different and maybe part time. I'm not even sure how to go about looking for a job in today's world, but I'm pretty sure a resume  is involved and that's where I run into trouble. My career path (or lack therof) has zigged and zagged such that my resume would probably only zig-zag its way to someone's trash.

My first job, other than babysitting, was when I was 14. I opened mail for a newspaper columnist, Troy Gordon. He wrote a humor column for the Tulsa World, so he, in turn, got some pretty funny mail. Not a bad first job.

When I was 16 I worked after school in the stationery department of a fancy department store. My favorite part of that job was getting to go to the store's hoity-toity tea room during my dinner break.

Then came college and a journalism degree. That got me a job at a newspaper with stellar assignments like writing obituaries and covering school board meetings in Norman, OK.

Then came Motherhood, my most important and most lasting job, but not exactly a resume filler. Over the next 15 or so years, I had several part-time jobs in several cities. I taught pre-school (loved it) for a few years. I did some free lance writing for local publications. I worked as an assistant producer for a radio talk show, which was one of the most fun jobs I ever had. I did some modeling and taught a class at a junior college called "Poise for the Professional Woman". (I hated that name). I wrote feature stories and a weekly column for the Daily Oklahoman in Oklahoma City.

After some life changes (divorce) and some additional schooling, I went to work full-time for the first time in years as a paralegal. After a few years I decided I needed something more lucrative and worked for a factory rep firm that sold furniture to hotels and hospitals. I was a dismal failure at that job, but to this day I can identify the manufacturer of the fabric on a chair in a hotel room.

A couple of zigs and zags after that I began my current job in financial services.

Since I have no clue how to put all the above into a coherent resume, I guess I will keep the job I have until I get the courage to call myself "retired".


  1. The new crop of professionals will work in seven different careers before they 'retire'. So, I think you surfed on the wave of the future with your path. Nowadays the job you have is the best job around. Who wants to retire anyway?

  2. Hey Jeanie, Be careful what you wish for--- I thought I'd love retirement and don't! So take your time figuring out your next step.

    And I think it's really about what YOU want to do because you clearly can do just about everything! You may have zigzagged around but it shows you're a fast learner and SMART!

    Whatever you decide, I'm cheering you on!


  3. Sometimes we just need to push pause and be content with what we have. It gives us a chance to look around and see how blessed we really are.

    Know ya have a vast support group to cheer you on no matter what you decision is.

    Have a wonderfully peaceful day!!!

  4. It used to be that the title "Jack of all trades, master of none" was the employment kiss of death. But hello... have you looked around lately? The career climate is such that you're lucky to keep a job for two years and not get laid off before having to change. I think it's perfectly normal to have a resume that zigs and zags. it makes you look more skilled, right? To be a dentist AND a cafeteria worker AND a bicycle repair person AND a geologist AND a forensic pathologist AND a diamond broker AND a burger flipper.

    I say go for it Jeanie. Go for whatever it is that makes you happy. Just make sure all that financial wisdom you have is followed before taking the leap.


  5. you can have someone write your resume for you and tie it all together, that's what i did and it looked great and was only about $50 but that was a looooooooooong time ago, it is prob more now

    also thanks for stopping by the crib and leaving the story about your daughter heaving at church in front of 1200 people - i almost wet myself reading that. i read it out to my husband. that was a good one. keep em comin

  6. I think even if you retire from this job, you will still want to "do" something. Part time work is a great way to "ease" out of the work force. Hope you find something you like. Or maybe it will just "pop up" some day.
    You sure do have an interesting work history.

  7. I agree with your readers when they say that your vast experience will be a plus. Moving down to part time might not be a bad idea.

    What is your biggest passion? Can you make a living around it? If so, go for it, girl!

  8. Wow - sounds like you have had a rich and fulfilling career in so many diverse fields.