Tuesday, October 27, 2009

When It Comes To Packing, I'm A Ditherer

When I begin to prepare to leave for a trip, I have visions of my suitcase looking like this:

It usually ends up looking more like this.

Packing is a talent that I seemed to have missed out on. I love to travel, but the packing part is not fun for me. Most mornings I have a hard time deciding what I want to wear that day....how do I decide what I want to wear for the next week? When you add shoes, maybe some jewelry and whatever else needs to go into the suitcase, I'm a mess.

What almost always happens is that I pack way too much. I start out with a pretty good plan, but somewhere in the execution the plan goes awry. I become a ditherer. I can't decide between two things, so I take them both. I like to have choices.

I'm packing now to go to a wedding in Cabo San Lucas. I'm leaving tomorrow (I was supposed to leave Thursday, but  there's a snowstorm coming our way, so I'm leaving a day early). I need to finish packing, but I can't decide if  I want to take the green swimsuit or the black. Maybe I'll just take both, and the maybe the red one too.


  1. You sound like me! And then there the issues of shoes! Will you need only flip flops, or some sandals, or maybe some dress shoes....and so on! :) Good luck with that, and enjoy your trip!

  2. I hate packing! Although packing when you are coming home is much easier...

  3. I hope you make it out of town okay, Jeanie -- a wedding in Cabo is not something you can reschedule for the snow. We may have to change our travel plans, but will wait until tonight to decide for sure. We don't have a specific event to attend so can be flexible on travel dates.

    And thanks a bunch for listing my blog on your blogroll. That is much appreciated.

  4. Have a great time in Cabo with your 3 bathing suits :-)
    I'm a terrible packer too.

  5. I always pack too much too! Hope your trip goes well... and yeah, take all of your swim suits!

  6. Hope ya'll have a wonderful time in Cabo with all your cool outfit picks.

    Enjoy the wedding and have the best time!!!

  7. Jeanie,
    That made me laugh. After living in Belize, where I had so few clothes, packing was always in a carry-on, even for a 10 day trip. Now I'm in the in-between phase and blame it on not being able to bring bottles and creams in carry-on. I'm tired of all these tiny containers we have to put our shampoos and conditioners in. Hope you have an amazing holiday. Can't wait to hear and see Cabo when you're back.

  8. Take all three and buy a few new ones in Cabo. Oh, and don't forget to go to Cabo Wabo for a cocktail.

    I know you're going to have a wonderful time. What's not to love in Los Cabos, I mean, really!

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