Thursday, November 12, 2009

Becoming One Of "Those People"

Yes, it's true, Doc is becoming one of those people. You know those people, the ones that get a dog and treat it like the child they never had, even though they have had a couple of kids. We have only had Dodger for a few  days and Doc has already checked out every veterinarian, pet supply store and dog groomer in the area. They have gone together to the dog park, the regular park, the donut shop, the pet store to get "fitted" for a collar and just out and about because "he looks like he wants to go for a ride."  Dodger is pretty good at looking like he wants to go for a ride....every time he sees Doc open the door to his truck he jumps up into the front seat.

I , of course, have been a perfectly sane and reasonable dog owner (or as our neighboring city, The Rebublic of Boulder,  changed their municipal code to say, dog guardian). I have only hand fed him a few times, and only if he seemed reluctant to eat. I have only bought a few dozen toys for him, and I only take him in the car with me if it involves a necessary dog guardian task.

Oh, and I have planned a couple of play dates for him, mostly to meet the grandkids, and a neighbor dog or two.  He still has two more grandkids to meet, but so far he has been a champ-gentle  with the little ones and playful with the older ones.

So, I just have to shake my head at Doc and his silliness. I"ll let them have their fun....I have to go check the internet for doggy seatbelts.


  1. hahaha, LOL! Doc is really going overboard! I´m glad you are staying "sane".... :)
    But it´s great to have a new pet, right? I love my new kittens too!

  2. Dog~gone~it, I'm sure glad you are the one keepin' a cool head about things and Doc is the only one fallin' of the boat!

    Pets, there just part of the family! Have a fantastic day filled with blessings and precious pets!!!

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  4. LOL!

    That is one lucky dog, I must say. To be rescued from the shelter and treated like a little Doggie King! All the darling ones deserve that. So happy Doger found his dream owners. He sure is a cutie. LOVE him!