Monday, October 12, 2009

I Admire People Who....

I see out jogging when I think it's too cold even in the basement for me to go down to use my treadmill.

Say they are going to the mall to just look around
and actually just look around.

Know that there is always something new to learn.

Say that they want to lose some weight and then lose some weight.

Realize there are times when it is okay to let someone do more for
 you than you can ever possibly repay.

Have time and money and are willing to share both.

Are over 15 years old and can still ride a Tilt-A-Whirl
without getting sick.

Are really positive about their political convictions
and really know why they are.

Don't take all the blame or all the credit for
the outcomes in their childrens lives.

Get up an hour or two early in the morning
so they can go workout.

Who do you admire?


  1. my children - for forgiving me so easily and for making my life so wonderful every day - sounds sappy yes but it is true

  2. That one about "they say they need to loose weight and do!" That is really admirable, because it seems so impossible to me! :)

  3. Whew-hooo! I am 57 years old and love-love-love the tilt-a-whirl.

    I admire my maternal grandmother who was just a special person. She would get in the sandbox with her great grandchildren and actually ride trikes with them. She holds a special place in my heart. I always wanted to be that special to my grandchildren.

    Have a grand day and enjoy those blessings!!!

  4. No Tilt-a-whirl for me, thank you. I admire my kids for their loving me through my mistakes; my friends for their loyalty - they let me vent and cry, and then they give me a big hug; my husband for knowing stuff about which I haven't a clue!

    I admire people who never give up!

  5. I too admire people who have time and money and are willing to share both.


  6. Great post. I admire people who stand up for their convictions, who are generous, and not afraid to learn.