Thursday, October 1, 2009

This Can't Be A Good Thing

I'm writing about the weather, which some may consider not a good thing, but I am off work Friday and Monday, so I may be feeling a little lazy. On the other hand, I live in the Rocky Mountain West and we take our weather pretty seriously here, so when I saw these clouds coming over the mountains this evening my first thought was "This can't be a good thing".

I love summer, but where I live, as they say about all good things, it has to end. The temperatures going from the 80s yesterday to the 50s today, finding one of Doc's guys here checking the furnace when I got home, and seeing these clouds coming over the mountains tell my that my summer is over.

I think I'll go make some chili.


  1. Keep warm and enjoy your days off! :)

  2. Great shot. Still, it's nice to put on warm socks and be cozy indoors too... Autumn is with us over here in Sweden.

  3. I hear ya. I hang onto summer kickin' and screaming every step of the way. Frost hit the ground here in the Ozark holler this morning, only on the higher levels of my acre I call my lawn. I thing most the flowers escaped, but I know their time is commin' to a swift end.

    I loved your beautiful pic.

    Have the best weekend and grab some fluffy sockies to go with your chili.