Saturday, August 8, 2009

THAT Never Happened Before

I woke up the other morning and I was really hungry. I realized that I had forgotten to eat dinner the night before. At about the time I would normally eat, a friend dropped by. I visited with her for an hour or so and after she left I just did whatever I would normally do at 7:30 or 8 at night. Let me explain that I don't usually plan and cook a big meal at night. Doc and I like to eat at different times and we both just fix our own (we sometimes run into each other at the grocery store). I usually eat soup or cheese and crackers and fruit (or occasionally a frozen dinner).

I know, not that interesting in itself, but it made me think that I often eat from habit as much as's noon-time for lunch, mid-afternoon-off to the office next door for a snack (it's a dental office and they have the best junk food around and are very generous with me) and so on. It's not just food-there are so many other things I do without really thinking. Every morning the first thing I do is head for the coffee pot.....okay, bad example, gotta have the coffee! But you know what I am talking about.

Since my blog title is Living Consciously and I started it partly to help me pay more attention to and remember all that I am doing and, well, live more consciously, I want to renew my efforts to do just that. Certainly, writing about what we do (or thinking about writing about it) keeps us tuned in.

I would love to hear what you are thinking about what you do without thinking.


  1. Hi Jeanie,

    Unfortunately for me, I'm one of those who "live" to eat. I have coffee first thing in the a.m. after taking a thyroid pill. I have to wait at least 1/2 hour to eat. I then eat, and play the "let's see how long we can go without eating" game. Within two hours, I'm ready for my banana. Two hours later, I'm ready for lunch, and so on.

    You've raised a very good point with the "conscious" part. I totally don't think about what I'm doing, other than I'm going to enjoy every second of it! I'm going to try to stop and think tomorrow every time I find myself cruising the kitchen.

    Great post!

  2. .@noexcuses-We all have interesting relationships with food. Believe me, I don't often miss a meal.

  3. I have seldom forgot to eat a meal! Maybe that´s why I look like I do.... But I totally agree with you. Many many times I just eat because I know it´s time or I make lunch because hubby is hungry, but me not really. But I still eat. I wish I could change that.
    Great post!