Friday, August 28, 2009

Not Ready For My Apology Post Yet

One day earlier this week my horoscope said this:

Don't fear failure or back away because you think someone can
outdo you. Believe in yourself and what you have to offer and so
will everyone everyone around you. Share information and ask for suggestions.

I'm sure most people would apply those words to the more lofty challenges of life. On that day I was feeling a bit hopeless about my blogging skills in a "she knows how to put such great things on her page", or simply "I wish I knew how to do that" sort of way. Most all of the blogs I follow and those I just read from time to time show skills beyond what I have (yet) learned. The first line of the horoscope took me back to the reason I started to blog in the first help me have greater awareness in my own life-to live my life more consciously. If I have done that, and I think I have, than there is no failure, and I am certainly not trying to outdo anyone. I will continue to work on the believe in yourself and what you have to offer part.

Beyond my original goal to live my own life more consciously, blogging has given me the opportunity to read some great blogs behind which are some wonderful people. I am grateful to those (and you know who you are) who have let me feel at least a little bit like one of the "cool kids". I certainly owe thanks to my daughter, Joanna at and to Betty at for help when my computer skills have been lacking.

As for the title of this post....I have seen several posts in which someone fairly new to blogging has written an apology for breaches of blog etiquette or other errors they have made when they started. I haven't learned enough yet to know what I need to apologize for. While I am learning I will continue to share information and ask for suggestions and especially continue to enjoy all that others have to share.


  1. Awe! So sweet of you to name and link me in your post. Don´t give up on learning! I taught myself everything I know too. You know how?? By googling everything! It´s amazing the things and explanations you will find, for everything! And what you need to know, is that you need time. When you try something new, you need to be calm, don´t let anybody rush you and just follow the steps. You can do it!!

  2. Hey Jeanie, I'm new at blogging too-- a lot of us are. We learn as we go. But if there is ever anything I've done that you want to know about just holler either in a comment or via email.

    Like Betty said, just take your time.


  3. Like the ladies posted before me, just have some patience, spend some time visiting as many blogs as you can, and just keep doing what you are doing (writing). I've been at this for about a year, and I still feel like an infant.

    This is not a race with a finish line. Yes, sure it would be nice to get 1,000 hits a day, and feel loved by having to read more than five comments a day. But let's get real here!

    Just enjoy the process. Pat yourself on the back for every post you write. Share your good days, as well as your down days. I think you'll find many of us share the same feelings.

    You don't have to apologize to anyone!

    Good post!