Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lack of Attention or a Seniorish moment

As I was driving home from work today on a road that I drive many times every week, I looked out and for a moment I didn't recognize where I was. It was only for a moment and I quickly realized that I was just a few blocks farther along than I thought I was. Even though I know it was just a matter of paying less attention than I should have been paying, it was a little chilling. I couldn't help but think how horrifying it must be to reach a point in life when those kinds of things begin happening on a regular basis to ones self or to a loved one.

Most all of us have known someone who has dealt with dementia in one form or another. Many of us do the things that "they" say will help prevent it (I'm sort of partial to crossword puzzles). Maybe they'll someday discover that blogging is the key to maintaining our mental function. I just know that a brief moment for me today brought an even heightened sense of feeling for those who face those moments every day.


  1. Oh I sooo agree! I hope that blogging will help prevent dementia too! Then I would be so sure I wouldn´t get it..... :)

  2. I think you were thinking of something else. That happens to me and I don't think I have dementia. or perhaps I do, and that's why I blog. Very interesting to read posts that make us all think.