Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I live with a home maintenance enthusiast (freak) who has decided that our house needs to be painted now. The thing about Doc's home maintenance enthusiasm is that he doesn't have many actual home maintenance skills. What he does have is a long list of people who do have home maintenance skills to choose from when he suddenly decides something must be done (there are so many workmen who know our garage door code that we might as well not even have locks on our doors). He has already called a painter and then he called on me to choose a color. I tried to hang up on his call, but the color samples landed on my desk anyway. I haven't gotten very far with the decision making process. After all, it will be a color I have to look at every time I come home for years. I have, at least, gotten as far as deciding what I don't want.

Too Pink

Too Blue
Too Green
So I'm left with this to decide from
And I could hardly decide what to wear this morning


  1. LOL! Poor thing! I wish I could help....

  2. Remember Diane Keaton in "Baby Boom?" She has to pay someone to fix everything, and it's always the same amount of money. She finally breaks down and says "I just want to turn on the water and have it come out! I don't care where it comes from!"

    I feel just like that with home maintence. I'm lucky to have a partner who has decent taste. I just clean up the mess when he is done.

    Good luck and don't stress. I find that when I keep it simple, things work out better.

  3. Picking house colors, or any decorating colors for that matter, is tough. i've alwys subscribed to the "exterior of the house needs THREE colors" which makes it even harder. Take your time and wait til you find the ones you reallllly love.

    Good luck,