Sunday, August 16, 2009


I've had my Kindle for about a year now and I love it. I'm certainly not marketing for Amazon, but I really do love it. I know, I know, reading an "electronic" book just isn't the same as reading a "real" doesn't look like a book, it doesn't smell like a book, you don't turn the pages like a book, it doesn't have a cover like a book. I wondered about all of those things and more before I got it, but the idea of having it for travel convinced me to try it. Things I like about my Kindle:
  • It is about the size of a paperback and very light weight.
  • When a book comes out that I want to read I can start reading it in about 60 seconds for $9.99 (they have about 300,000 titles-so far, I've always found what I want).
  • You can change the size of the print to fit your need.
  • You can download a sample of a book to read before you buy it.
  • It really is great for traveling. (Let's say I am in Las Vegas and not doing too well in the casino....a new book to read by the pool is great consolation, not that that ever really happened). Not having to lug several books in my suitcase on a long trip is a big plus.

Things I don't like about my Kindle:

  • It is a pricey initial purchase, right now about $300. I probably haven't paid for it quite yet with the savings from what I would have spent on books, but I am close.
  • Like a cell phone, you have to keep it charged.
  • It is a little too easy to spend that $9.99. I have to be careful and I try to limit myself to 2 books a month.
  • You don't have a book to pass along to someone else after you have read it.
  • It is not yet available internationally because of licensing issues, but they say it will be in time.
  • Reading it in the bathtub is probably not a great idea.

I definitely still get lots of books from the library and I still love going to a bookstore to buy a book, but for instant gratification and portability the Kindle can't be beat.


  1. I blogged about wanting a Kindle once. Unfortunately they are not available here, but hopefully soon (like you say).
    I am a gadget freak and this is definitely on my list... :)

  2. Thanks for the synopsis of a Kindle, especially the pros and cons. I'd be scared to leave it behind somewhere, like I've done with other books. Is that a concern?

  3. @Gutsy Writer
    Good question...I'm pretty good about tucking it away when I'm done. I've dropped my cell phone in a toilet,(it actually fell out of my purse), but I've never lost it. That's a whole new topic, all the things we have to keep up with these days.

  4. Wow I have never heard of them! I'm kinda glad we don't have them here... cos it could end up costing me a fortune! I love to read!

  5. I'm not a big techie person, but this technological wonder, I'm thinking I want. I'm still a big fan of the printed book, and probably always will have them around, simply b/c I like touching them and reading in the tub. But for all the reasons you like your Kindle, I'd like a Kindle too. I think I'd like the price to drop a little more first, though!