Thursday, August 13, 2009

Road Trip

I wish my title meant that I am planning a road trip. Unfortunately it only means that I have been thinking about road trips a lot lately and wishing I was planning one. It's been about a year since I have been on a road trip.....California to Colorado with my sister-in-law, Boo.

A good road trip is hard to beat. A good traveling companion, like the above mentioned Boo, is a great plus. Whether alone or with someone, I love the "cocoonish" feeling of being in the car with nothing to be responsible for but putting the miles behind you. Good scenery or just one town after another, I love seeing things I've never seen before. I love having hour after hour to listen to old songs on the radio (and sing along if I'm alone) or listen to a book on tape, or I guess these days, CDs. I love the time to talk with someone without all the normal distractions. And, there is no better excuse for eating junk food than a road trip.

I know, there are all kinds of road trips. Road trips with kids are in a class by themselves, but I bet most of us have memories of family road trips that were good, or at least memorable. I remember my Dad being stopped for speeding and having "words" with a policeman that I thought were going to land us all in jail. My kids learned that I could get from the front seat to the back of the station wagon or van with amazing speed.

My longest road trip was driving from Colorado to days there, five days back and weeks in Belize in between. There were things about the trip that weren't great (a not-the-best traveling companion), but the road travel was an unforgettable experience. I tried to find some pictures from that trip, but I ran into some old Christmas candy, or maybe it was Halloween candy, in the closet and I got distracted and gave up.

As I said, I don't have a trip planned right now, but I may have to pull out a map and start planning.


  1. Is it bad that I'd much rather fly????

  2. I have taken road trips at different stages in my life and have enjoyed them all, except the ones I took with my brothers!

    I love your description of having no responsibility except putting miles behind you. Listening to the radio or other music, talking without interruption and eating junk food sound like heaven!

    I think I'd like to take a road trip with you.

    Fun post!

  3. Oh, I love road trips too! We´ve had a few and I know what you mean about needing to have the right partner. Especially if you are going in a group and more than one car. That is tricky...
    Did you say candy? I´m hungry now...

  4. Great post, especially the part about Belize. I wonder why?
    I have to say I don't know much about road trips. Is that sad or what, especially with 3 kids, now older.

    As a kid, ,my parents drove me from Paris to Copenhagen, every summer, and then from Paris to Gandia in Spain. Those days were fun.

    I really dislike driving more than 3 hours max. I get so tired of it. Perhaps because of traffic here, plus the roads are often straight and "boring" especially through L.A.

  5. I have never been on a road trip... the longest trip in a car was about 9 hours!
    Like Joanna above, I'd rather fly long distances!