Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A-Z Streamlined

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Some of my blog friends have been doing the A-Z Challenge, doing a post a day with a letter of the alphabet as a prompt. Since doing a post a day sounds sort of impossible to me, I am borrowing an idea from my friend Betty at A Glimpse Into Midlife, doing one streamlined A-Z post using the letters of the alphabet as a prompt for the first thing that comes to my mind. Thanks, Betty, for this and the other ideas you have been generous enought to let me "borrow" in the past.

A - Anna. Anna is my youngest granddaughter. She will be 4 in May and is looking forward to her first dance recital.

B - Beck. Beck is my youngest grandson. At 19 months he is a bundle of energy who loves balls and is learning to say new words and putting new words together every day.

(Wow, this isn't so hard. Too bad I don't have 26 grandkids)

C - Coffee. I didn't drink coffee until I was over 40, but now I am pretty much a coffee addict....everything from the morning brew Doc makes to my favorite Starbucks half-flavor skinny vanilla latte.

D - Dodger. Dodger is our dog, adopted from a shelter about 2 1/2 years ago. This scruffy little guy has become an incredibly important member of our family..

E - Ellis. Also know as EJ, is my four year old granddaughter. A girl who loves school and her family and is already trying to read books to me.

F - Family. Family is the reason I started a blog-to help me take notice of and record the family activities and events that make up so much of my life. To avoid getting all mushy I'll just say I am very grateful for my family, each and every one of them.

G - Grandkids. Grandkids are a great reward for getting older.

H - Hope. Hope is my oldest granddaughter, 9 yrs old, a cute, complex, talented, smart and volatile young lady who keeps us all on our toes.

I - Indian. My heritage on my mother's side is Cherokee Indian. Just how much Indian blood our family carries depends on what story my grandmother was telling on any given day.

J - Jared and Justin. These are my 2 oldest grandsons, brothers who are 11 and 8. They are both sports loving boys who keep their parents very busy with their soccer, basketball and baseball games. 

K - Kindle. I have had my Kindle since shortly after they came out. Though I still use the library a lot nothing beats the Kindle for portability and instant gratification.

L -Lilac. Our Lilac bush which hasn't bloomed for a couple of years is beautiful and full of blooms this year.

M - Mah Jong. I play way too much computer Mah Jong.

(Whew, who knew the alphabet was so long, but I started so I have to finish and I only have one grandkid left)

N - Nest. There is a bird's nest built in the retractable awning over part of our deck. This will make the 4th or 5th year that a nest has kept us from using the awning. 

O - Old. I think I am reaching an age at which I will be too old to die young.

P - Politics. I have a lot of interest in politics but I try to stay away from political issues in my blog.

Q - Qwerty. I felt a little silly recently when I suddenly realized how the Qwerty keyboard on my phone got it's name. 

R - Retirement. I don't particularly like the word retirement, but I am looking forward to being at least partially retired starting in July.

S - Sugar. Sugar is my dietary demon. I can resist lots of other kinds of food but I eat way too much sugar.

T - Tulsa. I was born and grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

U - Useful. Since I will soon be working less, I find that I am wondering if I will find ways to use my time that will make me feel useful.

V - Vitality. A trait I hope I can maintain no matter how long I live.

W - Wil. Wil is my 6 year old grandson. If the world was made up of nothing but math and baseball Wil would be a happy boy.

X - X-change. The letter X has me stumped, so I am cheating a little and wishing I could x-change the letter X for a different letter.

Y - Yarn. I am hoping that one of these days I will pull out all the yarn I have and start knitting again.

Z - Zee. Z is the end of the alphabet  and I just want to say thank you to anyone who has stayed with me all the way through this to the letter Z. 


  1. *applauding*. What a great job you did with this
    ABC post...Semi-retired in July, huh? Good for you, Friend!!

  2. Love all the grand-kids and children - very family orientated. And retired in July? Had any x-rays for x lately? Sandie

  3. Too cute to read these, Jeanie! Actually this is the way to go to do an A/Z challenge! Condensed like this in a one-time post. How cute with listing all your grands, but then of course you have to list all your grands :)

    I had to laugh (but not unkindly) about your grandmother and her Native American roots. Hubby's parents had Cherokee Indian in them too; it too varied with how much they were; in FIL's final years he was known to quote he was 100% Cherokee, which was funny because his dad had a definite German name and for awhile he had embraced the German nationality :) Very interesting :)

    enjoyed reading the answers :)

    LOL, wait to you see my lame "x". It is a hard letter to think of something for :)


  4. wonderful post!
    loved it!
    easy to see where your focus lies..
    Family and grands..
    and the delightful dog..
    no mention of your kids..
    those people who presented/rewarded you with the Grands!!
    thanks for the smiles and laughter!!

  5. Well done! I may steal this idea from you and Betty as I have had writer's block for some time, now!
    I love hearing about your family. Dodger gets better looking every day!


  6. That was so much fun! I'm also a sugar addict, and drink way too much coffee cuz I love the creamer! Have to admit that I don't know what a 'qwerty'(?) key is.

  7. Great. Loved it. Thanks for doing it. I had no idea you were part Indian.
    And the letter Q was new to me too.

    Have a great day Jeanie!

  8. yeah Jeanie, now that was fun...I had to laugh at your 'o'...very true! and well, sugar is also my demon..why is that?
    Great A to Z blog today!

  9. yeah Jeanie, now that was fun...I had to laugh at your 'o'...very true! and well, sugar is also my demon..why is that?
    Great A to Z blog today!

  10. Oh Miss Jeanie, what fun this was!!! You rock at the A to Z challenge girl!

    God bless and have an awesome day my friend!!!

    I loved the Q! :o)

  11. That was Xtra special, Jeanie! I wouldn't even attemp it - not enough Grands!

  12. Yae! Great job!!! I am very impressed, Jeanie. Sugar is my downfall too and I have to watch it with my pre-diabetes.

  13. This was fun! Having retired almost a year-and-a-half ago, my suggestion is to make a couple of specific plans, like a class you want to take, or a volunteer role. That will give you a bit of structure. The rest will fill in, especially with all those wonderful grandkids. Do they know about their Native American heritage? It might be fun to explore that with them. (We have no tribal ties, but my grands want us to take them to a powwow for the drumming and jingle dancing.)

  14. Very cute post! And good for you for coming up with all of your A to Zs at once. I'm not sure I could have done that.