Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Then and Now

Easter of the few real memories I have of Easter when I was growing up is of hunting Easter eggs. I had an aunt who would hide the eggs for me again and again. I loved hunting for them, even though I'm sure they were re-hidden in pretty much the same places over and over. I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and remember going to an Easter parade a few times when I was pretty young. I'm sure it was a downtown merchant's thing, but it was pretty exciting to me at the time.  

I do have some pictures from about 1950 that show me and my brother decked out in our Easter finery. I remember nothing about these being taken, but I'm glad I have them.

I'm pretty sure my brother was no where near as fond of me as he looks in this picture. He is 5 years older and I think I was pretty much the bane of his life when we were kids.

Easter now....They apparently had an Easter egg hunt when Dodger was at doggy day-care on Thursday. They said most all the dogs quickly figured out there were dog treats in the eggs and deftly popped them open to get to the treats. As usual, Dodger didn't have much to say about it, but it looks like he had fun.

More Easter now.....I got to dye Easter eggs with some of my grandkids earlier this week. The older kids had fun making their own colors my mixing the dyes and they made some special eggs for their two cousins that weren't there. (My daughter Jill may not love me for posting this picture)

My daughter Joanna can do almost anything while holding 18 month old Beck on one hip.

What are your memories from your childhood Easters?


  1. It is amazing how young moms adapt to do things one handed! Beck sure is growing! How fun dyeing eggs are together like that! Loved the pictures of you and your brother from years past Jeanie, too cute! I remember dyeing eggs when you had to use hot water instead of cold water, I remember my mom always so worried we would get burnt (never did :)

    Happy Easter to you and yours!


  2. That is too funny, that Dodger got to do an Easter egg hunt! Never heard of that before.
    Loved seeing you in those old fotos. I'm sure you are glad to have those. I remember doing egg hunts too, but honestly I don't remember much else, other than going to church and having lots of family gatherings.
    Nowadays it seems family gatherings are not that in anymore. Everyone uses the long holiday to travel.

  3. Gosh, Jeanie, you and I could have been twins dressed like that! Love your Easter finery. I didn't do eggs this year. That was always fun though when my kids were little. Easter Dog is very cute!

  4. Oh, brand new white strapped patent leather shoes with laced anklets, a frilly dress topped with an Easter bonnet and white gloves. Church then off to Granny Walden's for a traditional family dinner with the clan!

    Loved you little girl self pic and your adorable grands!

    God bless and have a magnificent Easter sweetie!!!

  5. love the doggy easter egg hunt...that is awesome...looks like all the kiddos had fun too...can't wait till can do it with little year he should be ready to die eggs...this year we just made paper eggs...

  6. I love that photo of you holding on to your hat. Your cute little legs, the darling dress, and of course the little purse and gloves were just the thing when we were young. I wore much of the same thing. I have great memories of Easter. I think Easter is one of my favorite holidays.

    I also loved your photos with the daughters and grandkids. It looks so much like our times together as a family. My daughters would also ask me to p.l.e.a.s.e. stop taking pictures, and I better not post them. You are not alone there.

    We are doing eggs this year, but maybe I'll try hiding some doggy treats for Boston.

  7. Great photos - I have photos of me wearong a very simliar dress to yours in the photo...Dodger is sooooo cute. LOL

    I remember dying eggs with Mom by my side. I was always allowed to dye 6 eggs, never 7 or 8. Mom was raised during the depression so dying more than 6 eggs would have been wasteful. We always had a new dress and Easter shoes. We always had to get up earlier on Easter to allow for time to take photos before church. Sweet memories.

  8. Definitely not the most flattering picture!!

  9. Great pics! When I was a kid, I loved to blow the egg out of the shells and then dye the shells using crayons for designs. That was more fun than the Easter egg hunt. And always, the entire clan got together to have a feast.

  10. As a child, I got a new spring dress for Easter (usually pink), and sometimes a pink straw hat. But I always had to wear them with my winter coat. I was very sad that we lived in a place too cold to participate in the "Easter Parade."

  11. The picture of you and your brother in your Easter outfits is so sweet. We always had a new frilly dress and a hat for Easter too then an egg hunt and dinner at Grandmother's after church.

  12. Jeanie..thanks for stopping over and leaving me a sweet comment. I hadn't done a blog post since March 13th. I hadn't read many blogs either...and I was starting to miss my bloggy friends!!! (:>)

    So glad to see this fun post of yours with your lovely little Easter dress and hat from years gone by. You and your brother were cute! Kinda reminds me of myself and my youngest brother...but I am 3 years older than he is.

    I also loved seeing the egg dying going on with your daughters and fun! I used to love to dye eggs and hunt for them when I was young. And I always enjoyed doing it with the grandkids too. But we haven't done it for many years now. They are all growing up...and the littlest ones who still want to do it, just do it at home.

    Since we all go to our own churches, we don't get together as a family for Easter, and since two of the son in laws are pastors...they have so much going on. I love that they all try to find time for their own individual families. And Easter is an especially good time for that.

    But we do Family Birthdays every month but Jan. and Feb....and we do Thanksgiving and Christmas together. And this last year we did the 4th of July too.

    I hope you are having a lovely and joyous day Jeanie.

    Love, Linda

  13. Did you want the lol
    egg dieing looks like it went well (o:
    I have the same kind of pictures. Looks like everyone in our age bracket does ... lol
    I went looking for confetti eggs but found NONE!
    I had a bunch of plastic eggs so I hid those all over the back yard (o: We had a nice get together for dinner.

  14. Times sure have changed. We always had a new dress, a hat, white gloves for Easter services. Dresses are seldom seen at church anymore much less a hat or gloves!