Monday, April 2, 2012

Not Tonight Dear

Every time I think about writing a blog post lately that is what I tell myself......Not tonight, Dear. Okay, I don't actually call myself "dear", but I have told myself "not tonight" night after night. I just say "not tonight", read a few other wonderful blogs, play a little computer Mah Jong, read a book for a while and go to bed. I think I have a slight case of blog lazy-itis. I hope a will find a cure soon, because I do miss posting and hearing from other bloggers. Anyone know a cure?

Other than being a lazy blogger I have pretty much been doing the normal stuff that I usually turn into a blog post.

EJ had her first soccer game. She didn't like it very much while it was happening, but the story she told afterward is that she loved it and was one of the best players on her team. She has played a second game since and actually played the whole game with a smile on her face and scored two goals. 

I went to Wil's Odyessy of the Mind competition, but arrived just as it was ending due to a mix-up in the times.

Haircuts for EJ and Hope.....not all that exciting, but the kind of thing I feel lucky to get to do with them.

Lunch at the mall after the haircuts. Jared didn't seem near as thrilled to have EJ on his lap as she was to be there. She is a big fan of her older cousins and they  are (almost) always very good to her.

My daughter, Jill, posted this on her Facebook page after a week of Spring Break. It has been a long time since I have had kids home for Spring Break, but I can remember feeling the same. 

While I am working on the cure for my blog lazyitis I am in awe of the bloggers doing the A-Z challenge. A post a day seems overwhelming to me right now. Maybe I'll get cured and jump in somewhere between P and Q. 


  1. I love your daughter's f/b post! You and I can both relate to that, can't we?

    I know about the lazy posting thing! It happens a lot with me. I cannot, in the life or the next, do a post a day! But I enjoy trying to do two a week at the moment. Sometimes I don't even get that far. Don't feel bad.

    That little EJ is so cute! Thanks for always sharing such great pictures!


  2. A post a day is just more than I can even begin to commit to.

    Heck, I live in the land of 'help, can ya come help me a minute' means drop whatever your doin' and forget your plans for the day. Heeehehhe!

    I'm happy just to get a post up every seven to ten days. Seems all I can handle.

    I think your doin' just great girl, we always love seein' what the grands are up to. We thrive on that sorta thang!

    God bless ya and have an excellent kinda day my friend!!!

  3. Too cute with EJ and the soccer game; maybe she was just a bit overwhelmed with the first one and then got her footing, LOL, for the second one! WTG for her scoring goals too!

    I have to say, it is keeping me on my toes with this A/Z challenge, but it is fun to be creative and to think ahead; even got hubby asking me if I need something for this letter or that letter :)


  4. Nice to hear from you.... Your grands are do cute

  5. Beautiful Grandchildren! I'm quite the lazy blogger too. Don't feel bad about's your blog and you can post whenever you feel like it!

  6. Oh, you know I'm being lazy too. And trying to entertain my guests. But it's going well, I think they are enjoying themselves.
    Loved this pics of the grandkids. EJ is just the cutest little girl!

  7. I've been in a blogless fog lately, too. Reading and commenting but can't finish a post. I figure this is not an assignment or a duty, so I'll post again when I'm ready. In other words, don't feel bad. I love the photos of your grandkids!

  8. Hi Jeanie, The difference between me and you is I ALWAYS have something to blog about (and most of the time - it's about nothing)! Love those Grandchildren faces - they make me smile. I was so tired after having ours for 8 days that I slept 12 hours last night. I'm in Denver and it's SNOWING! I'm hoping our blooming pear tree isn't damaged. Where we really need moisture - in the mountains - I don't think there is any accumulation.

  9. I realize the rewards when I get 'blog-lazy' and hearing from friends is far more important then NOT blogging...that's my only 'advice' but do what you is okay for you!
    take good care....

  10. I say you have a case of Spring Fever. You'll be OK after you get some time in the sun. Gosh you're Grands are cute - love the disgruntled soccer player. LOL

  11. Pretty darn good post for someone with blog lazyitis...or lazy blogitis...! :o) Those girls have such lovely hair. Sounds like life with the grands is as grand as ever. Still so jealous of your time with the local kiddos. (Though, like the child-proofing funny, there are indeed times I'm okay with playing the part long distance.)

  12. Soccer with little ones is always more entertaining for the parents : ) I think there are seasons in blogging...our inspiration and creativity ebb and flow. I'm happy to have had my trip to talk about because I know I need a theme of sorts to get thru the challenge.

  13. I love your blog, Jeanie. It is always interesting. Maybe when you finally are retired, you will have more time to blog. I tend to blog every day, maybe skipping a day now and then, but what else do I have going for me? Lol. I enjoy writing and posting photos. Nuff said.

  14. I so agree...
    I have that same blogger problem!!!
    Love the pics and the fun Grammy time they represent.
    Was that a tree down in your yard?
    we had the wind too... neighbors fence came down on the side NOT connecting with us (o:
    Are we still on for Friday? I have the time upstairs...9:30 I think...I will check. I better or we will have a time mix up like you had with your Grandsons event (o: