Thursday, May 26, 2011

Freewheeling Friday

I've started a couple of post this week but starting them was as far as I got. Due to some Blogger problems and being a little lazy after being at work all day, instead of writing I opted to just read what all of you have been writing. So, that brings me to another Friday of playing catch-up with Freewheeling Friday.


Sometimes it seems like my grandkids are growing up even faster than my kids did. My third oldest grandson, Wil, celebrated his graduation from kindergarten this week. He loves school, but I think he is glad for summer to be here so he can focus on his true love-baseball. He has surprised his coach in his first year of little league with his skills and knowledge about the game.

My youngest grandson, Beck, has struck fear in the hearts of his family by learning to crawl. No more putting him down on the floor and having him stay put. Nothing that belongs to his two sisters will be safe with this little guy on the move.


My friend Belle at Tales From A Loser Who Is Sometimes A Winner at has tagged me with this list of questions. I'm not very good at these but because I like Belle so much I will give them a try.

Do you think you are hot?

Ha ha ha ha. At my age, "hot" would not be on the list of words I would use to describe myself.

When was the last time you ate chicken?

You'd think that would be something I would remember but I have to honestly say that I really don't. I would guess it was in some kind of chicken salad....oh yeah, I had a chicken salad sandwich for lunch one day this week.

What songs have you listened to lately?

I had a Susan Boyle cd on at work for a while today.

Do you have a nickname?

Actually "Jeanie" is a nickname, but it is what I have been called all of my life. When I was growing up my mother called me "Ladybug"".

I think I may have skipped a couple of the questions, one because it required a picture and Blogger and pictures are giving me a little problem right now.

I am also supposed to tag 8 other people and answer some questions about each of them, but I don't usually like to tag people so I will say something about Belle instead. I met Belle when I read a comment she had left on another blog. I immediately started following her blog even though I had decided I didn't have time to follow any more blogs. It is always interesting to see what Belle has to say and her commenters are the best. I hope she will forgive me for not following the rules on this very well.

Update: I was also tagged for this by my friend Betty at
Betty is a wonderful friend and her blog about her life in Paraguay is always so interesting to read. ..and I know she will forgive me for not following all the rules.


I was going to talk about a couple of other things like my dental implant that is taking forever and is costing as much as it would to go on a really nice cruise, but the blog editor keeps changing my spacing and eating my pictures. I thing that means it is time for me to stop and just wish everyone a happy weekend.


  1. Well, Beck looks like he will keep everyone in a tizzy alright! He's got that twinkle in his eye. It is nice your other grandson likes baseball and is good at it.

    I found the tagging thing very hard, I should have done what you did! Thinking outside the box isn't one of my strong suits. I'm more like, "Yes sir, no sir, anything you say sir." You did a good job.

    Too bad you can't take a cruise instead of dental work :( What a bummer.
    Blogger is driving me crazy.

  2. Jeanie,
    Your grandsons are totally cute! and yes, Beck does have that twinkle in his eye that says, 'watch out!' Haha...
    Okay LadyBug! it was reading the answers to the questions :)
    I do hope you have a wonderful postively great weekend!

  3. Blogger is really giving you fits, isn't it? Those boys are so adorable, I can't wait until my grandson is born. I'm so looking forward to having a boy in the family.

    Have a wonderful long weekend!

  4. I am having a little blogger trouble too!

    Loved the stories of your grandchildren and your answers - got to know you a little bit better - Ladybug!

  5. Blogger has been really causing us some grief lately. I do remind myself that it is free, but that does little to stop the frustration.

    Your grandchildren are adorable. Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Love, love, love seeing the grand kids. They are such beautiful kids.

    I can sympathize with the blogger problems...I am having similar's like my blogs are minute the followers appear and then disappear!

    Have a great, fun and safe weekend...

  7. I've been having trouble with blogger lately, too. I know this, too, will pass -- hope it's soon!

    Loved the pix of your grandchildren and learning a bit more about you, too!

  8. Beck is crawling already!! That is really fast, and I´m sure he´s loving it.
    I´m having problems with blogger too, but keep hoping it will fix itself.
    Thanks for the mention in your post. I guess this "tag" is really getting around. I´m going to check out Belle´s blog. You make her sound really interesting.

  9. Wil is my kinda guy. When I was his age, in fact at any age growing up, all I thought about was baseball. Come to think of it, that's all I think about now.

    As for problems with blogger, I'm having them too, and I'm hearing more and more people say so too. I've actually been looking into moving over to WordPress.

  10. Beck looks so cute on his hands and knees! It is always fun to have them crawl, but you are right, need to keep close eye on them!! how cute with Wil and baseball, but a great sport to have a passion about!

    those dental implants are expensive indeed!!

    Someone left a comment on my last blog post that she had read on someone else's blog that that person downloaded Google Chrome (browser, its free) and ever since she did it, she had no other problems with blogger (go figure, I feel we are held hostage with it since Blogger is managed by Google). However, I did download Google Chrome, took just a few minutes, and the blogs I couldn't comment on before, I have no problem with now leaving a comment. So who knows??

    I hope you have a great holiday weekend!


  11. Hey, once you finish that dental implant you're going to be totally hot. I can just tell.

  12. Your grandsons are absolutely adorable... but then you already knew that. :-)

    Funny how Blogger is having so much troubles lately; from leaving comments, to the Followers not showing up, to the Sign In thing.

  13. Every single time I see photos of your grandchildren, I am completely mesmerized by their eyes. Such lovely kiddos!

    I hope Blogger -- and your implant -- stop being buggers for you. Have a lovely, relaxing weekend!

  14. love that you were called ladybug....I hear you on the little britches can't be left alone for one second...he is across the house or office by then....busy busy....I am one tired Oma at the end of the day...

  15. Love the pics of your cute
    sorry you are having dental is such a pain
    blogger can make you crazy sometimes
    I am up for coffee again sometime...I have a 2 for one coupon for Ziggies (o: It is hard to fit everything in...but I still need some fun me