Monday, May 9, 2011

Not The Day We Planned, But Mother's Day Was Good

My daughters and my daughter-in law and I had planned to start out Mother's Day early Sunday by doing a 5k charity run/walk together (I would have been the walker). Our plans changed when my son-in-law, Brandon (Joanna's husband) ended up spending Saturday night in ICU at the hospital. I spent the night with their kids and my other daughter, Jill, helped me with them on Sunday.

On Saturday afternoon Brandon started having numbness on one side of his body, starting in his eye and ending up in his foot. Against his wishes he was finally talked in to going to urgent care and from there was sent to the hospital emergency room. Many tests later, they ruled out MS, a stroke (very unlikely in a 35 year old), heart problems and some other serious problems. His symptoms were gone by about 9 p.m., but the doctors wanted to watch him in ICU over night and do additional tests on Sunday morning. The still don't know what caused his symptoms but he is feeling fine now and will meet with a neurologist tomorrow. You can read the whole story on my daughter' blog here. She tells it much better than I do.

Even though they didn't get home from the hospital until about 3:oo Sunday afternoon we were all able to pull it together to do a Mother's Day picnic that evening.

Brandon was more than glad to be outside playing baseball with the kids instead of in a hospital bed waiting for another test. We were all very grateful that he was feeling fine and that so many serious things had been ruled out.

We even thought to take a few pictures.

All the moms
Joanna, me, Jill and Leah

I even got my annual picture with me and all my grandkids on the slide 2011



After a very scary night our Mother's Day ended with a lot of joy and gratitude.


  1. How scary! I hope they find out what caused the problem. I love the slide pictures. What a wonderful keepsake.

  2. that is scary...hope all turns out the photos with the kiddos...awesome...

  3. I'm glad your son-in-law feels okay now. I hope it turns out to be minor. These things come out of the blue sometimes don't they?

    I love the pics through the years of you and the grandkids. What a difference in how much older they look from 2010 to 2011! Kids grow so fast.

  4. I like the idea of the picture with the grands on the same slide! How cute! Fun to see them from 2009 to present including the new ones that joined the family; all adorable!

    scary about your son-in-law. Glad he went in to get checked and some major things were ruled out! Hoping they can find out what is the cause and that it doesn't happen again!

    all in all, it did seem like a very nice Mother's Day picnic for you and yours indeed!


  5. Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral




  6. You certainly don't expect something like that in a young, healthy man. The fact that it extended all the way down his body is alarming. I sure hope his neurology tests bring good news.

    It was nice that you still got together anyway. I love those pictures, and how you took them at the same place.

  7. Oh sweetie...your heart and your lap is full! You are truly blessed with a beautiful family sweetie.

    I pray that they find out what's goin' on with Brandon so that it won't happen again and it's notin' serious. I am thrilled he's feelin' better.

    God bless and enjoy this beautiful day sweetie! :o)

  8. I hope the problem is found and that it is minor. So fab that you got to go ahead with your day... and I love the annual pictures.

  9. So glad that your son-in-law is okay. It looks like you ended up having a great Mother's day anyway. I absolutely the annual Mother's Day photo. Look how they have grown, and a new addition too!

  10. I just love the photo of you with all your grandkids, envious too. Happy Mother's Day!

    Thank goodness your son-in-law is OK. That was awfully scary. It's rather disconcerting that they don't know what caused it though. I remember when Art had dizziness and even some vomiting and the doctor said it was a "head scratcher."

  11. That had to be scary - I hope he never gets another numbness like that.

    How cute you are with all your wonderful grandchildren!

  12. So glad the scary turned into smiles at the end.

  13. Amazing that your son-in-law was out playing baseball later that day. It sounds so strange and scary that something like this can happen to someone so young. I am happy to see everyone smiling and that you were able to enjoy the rest of the day. I wish him and his family no more scares like this.

  14. So glad to hear Brandon is OK...that had to be frightening...maybe it was an allergic reaction?