Friday, May 13, 2011

Freewheeling Friday

Did the Blogger outage leave you feeling a little like the guy above or did you just get a lot of things done that you wouldn't have gotten done otherwise? From the posts I've seen since Blogger has been back up, I think lots of us felt like this guy, especially if you lost posts or comments.


You can't blame me or my friend, Pam, from for the outage. We were nowhere near our computers when it started. We were in a coffee shop getting to meet for the first time. We had a great time getting to know one another in person and the only thing that could have made our meeting more fun was if our friend Betty at could have been there with us. The towns Pam and I live in are only 30-40 minutes apart so I'm sure we will get together again.


My granddaughter, Hope, who will be 9 this month, was recently one of 3 kids selected from tryouts to be in a video for a traveling science museum produced by the Space Science Institute in Boulder. She had a lot of fun and did a great job in the video and was very excited recently when she was called back to do some voice-overs for the video. She was even more excited when she found out it was going to be done in a recording studio - "Am I going to be in one room with a big window that looks into the other room with all the people in it and they can talk to me through the speakers?!?!?" It turned out to be just like that, and she had so much fun (and she got a nice little paycheck).


I hope Blogger finds all the lost posts and lost comments and that things keep working so we don't have to go through another blog withdrawl.


  1. Jeanie, I am super proud of your granddaughter. That is just great!

    Hopefully, you will actually get to read this comment. I am quite frustrated with Blogger, but I know I am not alone. I certainly hope they are able to get their problems fixed. I don't think they want to take on a bunch of bloggers who can get their blogging done!

    I think that it is really cool that you were able to meet a fellow blogger. I will check out the two blogs you referenced.

  2. AMEN SISTER! I too was so frustrated! I see blogger is back up. I thought I had lost two posts, but they are now up, but I did loose all my comments.

    Glad you got to meet another blogging buddy. I feel so "out of the loop" with my trip to CALI and then having company every weekend for the past month! Hope to catch up soon...

  3. I didn't know about this blogger problem. I will have to check my dashboard and look through my posts and my comments! That would really stink to lose those.

    That is s cool about your granddaughter. How exciting for her! (And I know you are proud of her.)

    I am fighting a headache today. I should just go take a nap and try to sleep it off...but then I won't be able to sleep I will just kill time reading blogs.

    Hope you will have a good weekend Jeanie. Thanks for you nice comments on my Childhood poem. It is fun to remember the good ole days huh> (:>)

    That is neat that you met a blog friend. I'd like to meet some of mine someday too.


  4. I was startled to see my face on the blog list...How fun was that. I think it shows a few too many wrinkles...oh well (o: It was indeed a fun time.
    Congrats to your GD. That is so cool. I have been reading Rob Lowe's book about his early acting experiences that lead him to being an actor. I am never sure I would wish that on my kids...but maybe...if that is where things lead (o:
    Let me just say again...I enjoyed our time at the coffee shop!

  5. During the Blogger outage, I got other things accomplished.

  6. How exciting for Hope! I see we have granddaughters with the same beautiful name. I actually watched TV a bit instead of reading blogs and I listed to some of my favorite music on youtube.

  7. Personally I missed everyone - felt cut off.

  8. Awe, you two got to meet. I´m so happy you had a good time.
    Hope is such a talented girl. Congratulations to her for getting that part! She looks so happy in the recording studio.

  9. WTG to Hope; what an adventure!! so glad you got to meet another blogger! I bet you did enjoy your time together!!

    yes, I definitely went through withdrawals yesterday when Blogger was down! It is a shame people lost their comments/entries! I ended up going back and leaving comments as I could to those that I had left some "useful" info about in case they hadn't seen the first comment.

    darn that Blogger!

    have a good weekend!


  10. Yae for your Hope! What a wonderful experience this is for her.

    How fantastic to spend time with another blogger. It would have been truly wonderful if Betty could have come all the way from Paraguay.

    I'm glad I got my post back from Blogger, but I was sad to lose the comments. Ah well... hopefully they've got all the kinks worked out. Somebody told me some other site they were on also crashed. Sheesh! What is going on?

  11. High Five to your grand daughter! How exciting for her.

    I'd love to meet Betty too. I've been reading her nearly the entire time I've blogged.

    Blogger kicked me to the curb-- I was working on three posts and all were lost except the first several words of each. And like you, I'm pretty sure it wasn't me fault.

    Hope you're having a great weekend, jj

  12. Yay, Hope! I'm so happy for her.

    I think it's wonderful that you got to spend time with a bloggy friend in the flesh.

  13. I'm so happy for Hope! I wish her the best. It can be so much fun for the kids!

    How awesome you got to meet a fellow blogger. I've been lucky to meet one so far.

    Just goes to show you, clueless me, I haven't been on blogger for over a week. Didn't even know about the breakdown! Oh well, hope you didn't lose anything!

  14. Congratulations to your adorable Granddaughter! She is so sweet!

    It's fun when you get to do a face to face, isn't it? It's like you've already know the person for a long time!

    I'm glad it wasn't your fault on the blogger crash - ha!