Friday, July 3, 2009

Reasons-ok, excuses-For Not Blogging for a While

I read a lot of other people's blogs, and many of them seem to write something every day or two about all the everyday things going on in their lives. It seems like, for me, when I actually have something going on other than just going to work everyday I don't make time to blog or I don't find what I'm doing worth blogging about. I must find other peoples everyday lives more interesting because I keep reading.

In any case, my excuses for not blogging for a while include:

  • Having to move all the furniture out of the family room and kitchen to have new floors installed.
  • Clearing the kitchen counter tops so they could be covered in plastic to protect everything from the dust associated with doing the floors (actually the whole rest of the house was sealed in plastic...the bedroom and bathroom doors zipped open and shut).
  • Moving everything needed for a few days of meal preparation to refrigerators in the garage and moving the microwave and coffee pot to the garage.
  • Spraying and sweeping up ants that seemed to be a result of the meal preparation in the garage.
  • Leaving town for almost a week while the floors were actually being done.
  • Returning all the furniture, etc. I didn't actually move the furniture myself, but I had some supervisory duties that took some time.
  • Trying to sort out what to to about area rugs to cover the new floors (spending a lot of money on floors and then covering them with rugs is not sitting too well with Doc, so sorting this out may take a while).
  • Continuing to fight the ants in the garage.
  • Helping Joanna and Brandon move-Ok, I didn't help with the actual moving, but I did do some babysitting so they could do the move.
  • Adjusting to going back to work after a week of vacation (this was a hard one).

Since I'm blogging mainly to help myself live more consciously and to remember and be more aware of the day to day activities that make up our lives, I'll try not to let those activities keep me from noticing, thinking about and sometimes writing about them.

I'm looking forward to:

  • Getting rid of this whompin' cold I have.
  • The 4th of July.
  • A swimming party on Sunday to celebrate several family birthdays, including mine.

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