Friday, June 19, 2009


Carol Burt

I got to have breakfast last Sunday with a long time and very special friend, Carol Burt. I know Carol from my years as a Rez Rat (that is one who spent way to much time at the Boulder Reservoir) in the late 80's and early 90's. Carol lived and worked at the Boulder Reservoir for over 30 years, living in the end of a boat house and sleeping in the van in the picture above. I could never name all of Carol's duties at the reservoir or separate those that were part of her job and the many, many things she just did. She worked all the time and she worked hard, taking care of all the boats kept at the reservoir, managing people assigned to the reservoir for community service, painting, cleaning up after people and on and on. Carol retired from her job at the reservoir last year and she will be 85 years old next September. I never saw her do a job that she didn't do with dignity and grace.

Talking to Carol is like talking to the earth....she is wise, humble, perceptive, gentle,and self-effacing. I've never known anyone to work so hard, be so kind, ask for so little and give so much as Carol Burt.
And she can still out-water ski most anyone!

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  1. Miss both Carol and the Rez. We left in 2006 and have not had a boat since. Carol taught me how to tie a boat to a slip, and much more.
    Fellow 80s/90s Rez Rat