Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Few More New Words and Some Phrases

In the interest of trying to stay "hip" or whatever the right word is these days for really being with it, I've found some more new words, and in this case some phrases, that may (or may not) be of use. These come from the latest addition of UCLA's slang dictionary. You're welcome in advance for all the ways these can enhance your conversations.

  • Bromance: extremely close platonic friendship between two males.
  • Roll mad deep: To go out with a large bunch of people.
  • Awkward turtle: comment made in awkward situation (said while putting your hands together, and wiggling your thumbs).
  • Didiots: stupid people.
  • Epic fail: What a mistake! What a failure! Oops!
  • Spit game at: to flirt with someone or try to get someone interested in you.
  • Crossfaded: drunk and high.
  • Chillax: calm down.
  • Skrilla: money

And the one I am (unfortunately) familiar with

  • Muffintop: flesh that hangs over the side of pants that are too tight.

Gotta go chillax and hope this post isn't an epic fail.

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