Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Goodbye To May and I'm Ready To Say Aloha

May has been a busy month (I know I've said that before) and it is coming to an end with all the birthdays, end of school activities and sporting events now behind us. Everyone in my family with May birthdays is now a year older, all the school age children are on to a new grade, the sporting events have been won or lost and the memories are all good.

My two 5 year old granddaughters, Anna and EJ are through preschool and ready to be kindergarteners.  These changes that seem to come so fast bring back lots of memories of when they were little.

Anna, right before her graduation ceremony.

EJ at her end of school field day.

It seems like only yesterday.......

Hope will be going from 5th grade to middle school. This "friendly sisters" pic from Hope's graduation is not the norm for these two who both like to dabble in the art of sibling rivalry. The look on EJ's face looks like  she is thinking. "Ok, Hope is being really nice to me right now, but let's take this picture really quick and let me move on before that changes."

I'm sure the day will come when they are best friends again like they were when this picture was taken about 5 years ago.

Jared will be going from 6th grade to middle school. He finished 6th grade with straight As through the whole year. Yes, that makes me very proud.

Jared with his buddy Gabe at their graduation.

Jared and Gabe  have known each other since before they were born when their mom's met at a birthing class.

As I say goodbye to May I will be saying Aloha to Hawaii where I will be going tomorrow for my cousin's daughter's wedding. I am looking forward to some fun in the sun, at least I will be if I ever finish packing. I'd better go and get working on that.


  1. What a great post...loved the now and then pictures. I feel like if I blink...this summer will be over!!! Can you just stick me in your suitcase? Have a wonderful time!!!

  2. Congrats to Jared on Straight A's. Thanks fantastic and no small feat! Good for him.

    Ahh, Hawaii-- you lucky girl. What a fab place for a wedding. Have a wonderful time and take lots of pics to share!

    Safe travels, xo jj

  3. First of all, I love the pictures of the beautiful kids! Not a so-so in the bunch! You must be tremendously proud of their accomplishments and all the changes in their lives.

    If anyone deserves time in Hawai'i, I think it is you! Have a glorious time and aloha!

  4. A handsome bunch to be sure!

  5. Too bad you'll be on Kauai and not Oahu. I would love to treat you to lunch if you ever get to Honolulu. Enjoy the wedding! Your grandkids are adorable!

  6. They do indeed grow up too fast. We will have a high school senior this year and a freshman. Where does the time go? The youngest grand daughter hold a master's degree in sibling rivalry, but if you mess with her baby brother, you will have to deal with her. Have a blessed week and enjoy the vacation.

  7. Oh, the kids are just beautiful!

  8. Geez! Those kiddos are growing so darn fast. They are so beautiful, though. Good luck with the sibling rivalry. As mom to three daughters (who were quite masterful at it), I feel your pain, their mother's pain.

    Have a LOVELY time in Hawaii!

  9. Hawaii sounds pretty awesome right about now. Or any time really : ) Enjoy!

  10. Aloha and may I say that your have the sweetest and cutest grands and congrats to them all. sandie

  11. Love the kid pictured. Have fun in Hawaii and be safe.

  12. I hope you are basking in the sun by now. I'm so behind on reading blogs. Loved the pics of your grandchildren. Congrats to Jared for his accomplishment. And Hope is getting more and more grown up, as they all are. Time sure flies!
    Ok, have fun in the sun Jeanie!

  13. Your grandchildren are all so cute. They are about the same ages as my grandchildren. Where has the time gone? How did they grow up so fast?

    Have fun in the sun!

  14. Good gracious! You have got the cutest, most beautiful grandchildren, Jeanie!

    Have fun with your packing. Don't worry though, we have everything you need right here in Hawaii.

  15. Your Grandchildren are all so gorgeous, it's a shame they have to grow up!
    I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii, you lucky thing!

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  18. Somehow I missed this post! Hope you are still enjoying the "Islands" and that you have lots of pictures to share! Your grandchildren are growing up so fast! They are all so beautiful and full of personality!

  19. "School days, School days,
    good ol' Golden Rule days...".
    Congrat's to all the kids!
    Hope you've had a great time in Hawaii!! Woo Hoo!!

  20. Oh Sweet Jeanie - have a fabulous time in Hawaii! It is wonderful to see the grandchildren grow. Weren't they such cute babies too!

  21. oh have a great time in Hawaii.

    How nice is that to have a wedding being there.

    Like your blog and the children are so nice looking.

    Go get packed.