Monday, May 20, 2013

Catching Up and Being Thankful

I was just beginning to do a little catch-up post when I heard about the devastating tornadoes that hit Moore, OK today, a town where we lived when my two oldest kids were in early elementary school. One local official has described it as the worst damage from a tornado ever to occur in this country. Whether that is true or not the damage is incredible. My heart goes out to everyone there with a special prayer for the parents who are waiting with hopes of being reunited with their children at an elementary school that was destroyed.


I've said before that I sometimes try to avoid posting too much of the same 'ol family stuff, though in reality that is mostly what my blog is about. Today, thinking of what the people in Moore, OK are going through, I am doing this little family catch-up with an extra measure of gratitude in my heart.

Our Mother's Day finished with a picnic to celebrate Mother's Day and several May birthdays. There was cake, baseball and the annual picture of me with my grandkids on the slide.

Beck wasn't too excited about the picture taking.

Later in the week I got to watch Hope perform in a school orchestra concert and at her school talent show.

EJ had her last soccer game of the season on Saturday.

On Sunday we went out for a birthday dinner for Hope and my daughter, Joanna, who both have birthdays this week.

Big news! Dodger (center)  has a new girlfriend.....the black dog on the right of the picture. He was doing his best to look cool to impress her at doggy day care.

Another busy week coming up with 4 grandkid graduations.....2 from preschool and 2 from elementary


Great news.....I just heard that all the kids at two elementary schools hit by the tornado in Moore, OK have been accounted for. As I recall the recent activities that my family has enjoyed, my thoughts and prayers go out to the families in Oklahoma who are suffering from the tornado damage there.
***I just heard an update that they are still looking for children at one of the destroyed elementary schools and that there are also some children that may not have survived.***


  1. Some of my blog friends live in Oklahoma. My prayers are for them. Your family photos are so nice to look at, Jeanie. Keep posting them.

  2. All your grands and fur ones are cute. I did not hear about the tornadoes yet. I hope everyone is okay. sandie

  3. I'm so sorry about what happened in Oklahoma. I'll be praying for the people there.
    Love your pics. Your grandchildren are so beautiful. Hope is growing up to be a lovely young woman. God bless.

  4. The news out of OK is terrible. I am so sorry to hear of this tragedy that has hit this place that you once called home.

    Your family is beautiful. You are fortunate to live so close so that you are able to spend all these birthdays, holidays, and school activities together.

  5. Hy heart aches for the families in Moore, OK. We've had a few close ones in MO, but nothing like this. It's not over yet, so I will keep the prayers coming.

    I love to see you with your beautiful grand kids! They are growing up quickly. Thanks for sharing such great pictures.

  6. Beautiful sad about Oklahoa

  7. Oh, Jeanie -- never feel "should's" about posting or not posting your family things. Especially at times like this we gather those we love and are grateful and sad at the same time. I hope any friends or neighbors you have who are still in Moore are all right -- if total devastation can be included in the "all right" category. The video and reports are tragic. Thinking of you and your former town with love.

  8. Don't tell Dodger but his new love doesn't seem very impressed.

    We as well as many of our family members have had close calls in this round of tornadoes (more due today) and it is difficult to give thanks to God when so many have had their lives devastated. At least twenty children in the school have been found dead so far. The search goes on.

  9. Loved the pictures and the update on family. My heart goes out to OK too!!! I loved meeting with you. Have a great trip.

  10. Hope is getting so grown up. Loved seeing the annual slide pic. Really shows how everyone is changing.
    Happy Birthday to Hope and Joanna!

  11. Jeanie, I so enjoy when you post family photos - that's what it's all about for me, too. I was in the Phoenix airport yesterday when the tornados struck OK. I can't imagine the fear and grief.

  12. Such horrifying things going on in the world.

    I'm glad you shared the joy of your family. We have to keep focused on the good things even while we pray for those suffering so much.

    Hugs and blessings.

    Your entire family is lovely!

  13. The pictures from Oklahoma are horrendous.

    Your family is absolutely beautiful!

  14. There is always one member of the family that isn't terribly excited about photo opportunities. In our family it's usually the youngest grand daughter. She just tolerates the rest of us.
    Great looking family by the way.

  15. Loved all the photos - this is what I enjoy reading about the very most on blogs; real life happenings.

  16. Such gorgeous photos of your grandchildren, Jeanie.

    I've been so preoccupied with getting our China blog posts done that I've not been paying attention to the news much. I hope all is well in the Midwest.

  17. Jeanie,
    Thank you for stopping by Spots and Wrinkles.

    Fun pictures of your family! :)