Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Beautiful Wedding, Lost Luggage, Seasickness and Chickens....All In All A Good Trip

Even though it started out with a late flight, a missed connection and lost luggage my trip to Hawaii was a good one. I didn't need clean clothes or a hairbrush to appreciate the beauty of the place I was staying.

The view of this pool in one direction and the ocean in the other direction helped ease my concern about when my luggage might show up, which it did at about 10:30 the next night. A little shopping for clothes and toiletries got me through.

The wedding was a beautiful traditional Hawaiian ceremony. It began with the blowing of a conch shell to signal the beginning of the wedding.

The woman who performed the ceremony was a perfect fit for the role she played and she created a very beautiful and moving ceremony. 
(And it wasn't too long)

The wedding ended with a gorgeous Hawaiian sunset in one direction,

and a rainbow in the other direction.

One of the outings I really enjoyed was to a coffee plantation. 

The beautiful plantation setting and all the coffee you wanted to drink made it a place I didn't want to leave. 

On a relaxing sounding sunset dinner cruise I managed to get this one picture before I started getting seasick. The water was apparently rougher than normal and the cruise turned out to be very rough for me, all 4 hours of it.  I have been on lots of boats, big and small, and the only other time I have ever gotten seasick was a long time ago, also in Hawaii. I was nice enough to break the ice by being the first person on the boat to start throwing up off the back of the boat, but I was far from the only one. Lesson more boats in Hawaii. 

Any visit to Kauai requires pictures of the chickens that run wild all over the island. 

They are fun to see, but not always so fun to hear. The roosters start crowing before sunrise and keep it up throughout the day.

Despite the vagaries of travel it was a good trip. It has taken me a little longer to recover from the overnight flight home than I would like, but as long as I keep my feet on solid ground for a while I will be fine.

Have you ever been seasick?


  1. Jeanie, What an adventure, but you seemed to take all in stride - even the roosters! I get very motion sick so that boat ride would be off limits for me. We are thinking about Hawaii for our next Girlfriends" Vacation - I've never been. It looks glorious.

  2. Wow, Jeanie! You certainly had an amazing adventure. I can't remember the last time I was on a small boat, but you're reminding me to bring a motion sickness patch next time I do. So glad everything worked out at the wedding in the end. It looks so beautiful.

  3. Jeanie,
    I have never been seasick, but then I have not spent much time at sea.

    Beautiful pictures. Loved the chickens. :)

  4. Oh you poor baby there is nothing worse then that. My mom used to get it too.
    The wedding sounded pretty awesome there.


  5. Poor baby!!! I hear it is awful. I never got carsick until about 2 years ago when rich took me four wheelin...which we had done many times before... but now at my ripe ole age... I get sick... mostly a really bad headache and feeling sick but not throwing up. I am so sorry that happened to you... but hey... you got to see the chickens. Just kiddin....can't wait to hear about it (o:

  6. This trip to Hawaii and the wedding sound idyllic, except for the lagging luggage and seasickness.

  7. Beautiful Island...I remember the chickens as well. Apparently they were survivors of a storm that made it to the island.

  8. Yes, I was seasick sailing between islands in a 27 foot sailboat. The waves towered above it. Not pleasant! However, the other two times, I was on a catamaran and a Navatek and did not get sick at all. Beautiful wedding and photos, Jeanie.

  9. I have avoided sea sickness by never going to sea. My husband spent 20 years at sea so I figure that counts enough for both of us. Hearing the roosters crow would make me feel right at home. I did get altitude sickness the last time we were in Colorado though. I had been there often and the mountains never affected me before.

    The wedding looks like it was wonderful.

  10. Oh, Jeanie, I'm so glad you had a wonderful time, despite getting off to a rocky start with the luggage and all! But it looks just wonderful -- all the side trips and such a beautiful wedding. Indeed, it looks like a perfect ceremony and lovely couple.

    Welcome home!

  11. No seasickness here...but then again we don't have such waters to be on. Don't really know if I would get sick.
    Sounds like an awesome wedding and a great trip. I never expected there to be chickens running loose in Hawaii...

  12. What a beautiful wedding! I have been seasick -- horribly so -- many, many times and am very careful to use medication on small boats.

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  14. Except for the seasick part, it sounds like this was a wonderful trip. Oh and then there was the lost luggage, but those two factors do not seem to have ruined time away in paradise. The wedding must have been spectacular. What fun.

  15. What a beautiful place to get married! My daughter Sandy was in Kauai a few months ago and loved it. So sorry you lost your luggage and were seasick. That was funny what you said about breaking the ice!

    That is a lovely romantic pic of the bride and groom! May they have tons of happiness together. I wear wrist bands with magnets in them for seasickness and they seem to work.

  16. Can you believe Hawaiian LOST our luggage too???