Friday, June 1, 2012

Just For Fun Pictures

Last weekend was busy and fun with lots of kids soccer and a visit to the Boulder Creek Festival.

At the Creek Festival the kids tested their Slacklining abilities. I thought I might be pretty good at this, but I didn't push any kids aside to give it a try. 



EJ's tongue seemed to be the key to her balance.

The older kids had some fun on a thrill ride (one that would have had me throwing up over the side).

The little kids opted for the merry-go-round (more my speed).
Beck is wearing the soccer shirt that my friend Betty at A Glimpse Into Midlife sent him before he was born. He has finally grown into it.



Hope's soccer team finished their season and ended several seasons of playing together as a team. She has had try-outs this week for a team for next season and it looks like she is going to get the team she wants. It was fun to hear them do this chant together for one last time.

We don't play with Barbie Dolls, we just play with soccer balls.
We don't wear no fancy skirts, we just wear our soccer shirts.
Go United!


This picture convinced my daughter, Joanna,  that it was time for Beck to get a haircut.

He's a pretty smooth dude with his new do.


I got to go out with my friend Patty in her very cool new little Fiat convertible. 
Especially cool since I suggested they go look at it and when they did they bought it on the spot.


  1. I thought we would go to the B. C. Festival ... but just to many things to do. It would have just been me and Rich.. and it is more fun with kids (o:
    We sat by a family of girls that had just been at a soccer try out. So much drama. I am glad my kids did city sports in the day you just played on an area team and no try outs were necessary.
    Beck is so cute... Betty picked a great shirt (o:

  2. Beck is so handsome with his new do and I love the shirt Betty sent him! I bet he had fun on the carousel!! Looked like a fun event to go to and enjoyed by all! I like that car; how was the ride in it?


  3. Oh my gosh - your family looked liked they had the greatest time ever!

    Love sandie

  4. Love seeing Beck in that shirt! Looks great. Your summer looks like it is getting off to a great start.

  5. Your Grands are so photogenic! I'm not sure I'd try balancing on that beam. The carousel is more my speed.

  6. I am very unbalanced in more ways than one! I would fall off right away. Love kids fairs, it reminds me of my family. Beck's haircut is great, he is such a cutie.

    My mom drove a red fiat when I was around 9-10. We loved it too.

  7. Like you, the merry go round is more my speed. Lol. And I looove that red Fiat convertible. I would love to own a red car. Perhaps my next one?

  8. What fun you have been having with the kiddos! Loved the pictures. And what a cute little car! Glad you and your friend went out for a spin!

    Happy Saturday Jeanie!

    Love, Linda

  9. What a fun day out!

  10. Whoa Horsey! Did you sleep any during the weekend? You were crazy busy!! Loved the soccer chant and the cute photos of the kids. Sweet and fun times!

  11. Gorgeous photos of your grandkids... and that wee car is cute... well done on recommending it to your friends.

  12. Your grandkids are absolutely gorgeous! What a fun time you all had!

  13. It looks like tremendous fun and it makes me smile to see you having such fun taking them spots and going to their games! You're great!

  14. What a beautiful family you have!