Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June Birthdays and Father's Day ✔ and A Horrible Wildfire

Yes, another family get-together, this one for our family's June birthdays and an early Father's Day. I started my blog to help me record and remember these kind of family events, so I can hardly apologize for posting too many of them. As we gathered this weekend we were extra thankful to be together and all safe as our thoughts and smart phones were focused on our neighbors just to the north who are suffering from northern Colorado's High Park Fire. A smoky haze in the air and the air tankers flying overhead were a constant reminder of this horrible fire event.

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We did, in any case, celebrate the birthdays and honor the fathers with a yummy picnic dinner followed by cupcakes.

The bigger kids, as always, played lots of baseball.

They always come equipped with gloves, bats, balls and bases. I love that regardless of age or skill level they all have a great time playing together.

I, as usual, tried to get a good picture of my two 4 year old granddaughters together, but these busy little girls never stand still long enough for me. I like this one that shows Anna's new short haircut, a result of her trying a little hair styling on her own with a pair of scissors.

And this year's picture of me with all of my grandkids on the slide.

They have grown a lot since we started taking these, but I'm sure I haven't changed a bit.


We woke up this morning to a smoky haze on the ground, a smoky sky and the smell of fire in the air. The fire has grown to over 43000 acres and there have been homes lost and one life lost. Please keep those who are fighting this fire and those who are suffering from it's fury in your thoughts and prayers. 


  1. I've been watching the fires on the national news. Such awful devastation is almost unbelievable even when I actually "see" it on TV. It must be awful to smell it and feel the reality of what your Colo neighbors are dealing with...You're a rich woman with those cute Grands. I love the little blondie with the short new 'do'. LOL BTW, you look GREAT! Those grands have one YOUNG Grandmom!

  2. I love that picture of you with the grands. That is wonderful. Happy June birthdays. And we have a young man at our church who puts some of those fires out. sandie

  3. I always love the pictures of you and your grands, Jeanie! I've said it before (and I'll say it again many a time I am sure), all handsome and beautiful and all a blessing! I love Anna's hair cut! Ick with the fires; sadly I'm all too familiar with it all living here with smoke and ash in the air and fires so close by; such devastating destruction :(


  4. Happiness among destruction. Hope the wildfires are under control before long. Love those photos of you and your cute grandkids!

  5. jeanne~
    haven't noticed the smell,,
    as much as the "crud in the air"..
    I've been having eye problems,,
    and this has not helped at all!
    I am and continue keeping everyone in my prayers!
    hugs to your cute grands!
    looking good Gramma!

  6. Prayers going out to all those close to the fire and those suffering the effects of it. My brother in law lives in Florence and he said that the smoke was the only thing that they had to deal with. I said that is plenty. Sorry to hear one life lost. Please keep safe and beautiful pics of you and the grandkids. So precious

  7. That is a gorgeous photo of you and the grandkids on the slide!

  8. You and the grandchildren all look just wonderful together. You are so youthful. I think it is the kids who are keeping you young.

    I am just sick about those fires. Today I was praying for rain for this area. It truly is a disaster. I think that area has some of the most beautiful parts of our wonderful state. It breaks my heart to think what these poor homeowners must be going through.

  9. I love the picture of you and the grandkids on the slide - what a great tradition. The fire is so sad. I hope we get some rain soon - I have a feeling we are in for a long summer.

  10. my comment disappeared...I think. What a way to start the morning!!!
    I loved the slide pic...you look great now and then (o:
    That looked like a great celebration.
    The fire is so sad!

  11. You haven't changed a bit! :) Love the slide pictures. Isn't it just the best when your family likes each other and the kids play together?! I'm learning to appreciate this even more every day. HOpe you have many more years and celebrations like that, together!

  12. Don't ever apologize for writing about your family - if it was too much we wouldn't keep coming back! My father-in-law lives in Loveland, but I don't know how much smoke they're getting. Too sad, the whole business.

  13. Hi Jeanie, I've been seeing the tv news coverage of the fire every night. I yiyi. It's so scary. I say a prayer every day.

    I LOVE the photo comparison of you and your growing family. It looks like a grand celebration.

    xo jj

  14. I love family gatherings! Yours look fun.

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  16. That little one with the new 'haircut' is adorable! She looks like she could give her parents a run for their money : )

    I am praying they get a handle on these fires soon. I heard yesterday how they're different than the Calif fires in that trenches don't really help. The fire is jumping from tree to tree. Very scary and so sad to think of all that has been lost.

  17. Never apologize for a) posting what you set up your blog to do -- and for sharing somuch, because we simply love it. I do, at least -- your family delights me!

  18. Your grandkids are just beautiful.

  19. Gorgeous grandkids, Jeanie. We've been watching those fires on the news each evening here in Hawaii. It's so scary.