Saturday, May 26, 2012

Six Word Saturday

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Mom's say the darndest things too.

I'm sure that as mom's we have all said things that we never thought would come out of our I don't mean those kinds of things, I mean the funny kind of things. My daughter-in-law. Leah,  included these entries in her list on FB of "Things I Never Thought I'd say before 8 a.m.":

No more lip gloss on the wall, honey.

I'm not playing baseball with anyone who's not wearing pants.

One of her friends added:

I'm sorry that I threw carrots at you this morning.

And a couple of my all time favorites:

It's really not a good idea to lick the trash can.

No, that really is a worm, not a noodle, so take it out of your mouth.

What have you said as a mom or a grandmom that you never thought you'd say?


  1. haha, thanks for the laughs this morning...Have a great day Jeanie!

  2. You wonder what prompted the carrot throwing event :)

    I'm trying to think of something I said but having trouble coming up with something this morning. Got to put on my thinking cap :)

    have a good day/weekend Jeanie!


  3. haha!!! hilarious!!!

  4. Would ya please stop shootin' lima beans outta your nose, their had to scrape off the wallpaper!

    This was one of Geek Son's and Social Butterflies competitive brother and sister activities. Heeehehehe!

    God bless ya and have a super great weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  5. "Don't throw overhand when the waiter's watching." Someone (who shall remain nameless) was flicking watermelon seeds over the edge of a rooftop restaurant.

  6. Yes, it's OK to pee in the woods. All the animals do it too. And also: Don't worry, Gammy's floor's not dirty. Just pick it up and eat it! PS please don't mention either of these to my D-i-l's

  7. Ewww, to the worm one. Grosses me out! :) But so funny.

  8. Good ones, Jeanie. When my Mom would get flustered she would often say, "Out, Out Damn, Spot", then she would look at us and say, "You know that's Shakespeare!". That seemed to excuse the "D" word. LOL

  9. LOL! How about..."That is dogfood, spit it out".

  10. That was a great post! Thanks!!

  11. I am still laughing at the worm comment. My kids tended to eat things like that too.

  12. I don't really remember but the lip gloss on the wall is a hoot. (And your pic of Dodger is adorable!)

  13. You are cracking me up! I just read these to my husband because he wondered what I was laughing at!
    xo jj

  14. Funny...
    I should keep track of the things I say...wait...maybe I should not keep track of the things I say (o: